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‘NCIS’ Fans Were Thrilled To See This New Set in Season 15

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Longtime fans of “NCIS” have loved goth scientist Abby Sciuto, played by actress Pauley Perrette, from the start in 2003. Throughout the series, fans often saw the home of the otherwise private Leroy Jethro Gibbs, alongside that of Dr. “Ducky” Mallard, Tony DiNozzo, and Timothy McGee. However, it was quite a while before we saw the inner workings of Miss Abigail Sciuto’s home. And, despite the long wait, it was definitely worth it.

Following Abby’s departure during the 15th season of “NCIS,” fans are still reeling at the scientist’s insanely unique apartment. “NCIS” fans across Reddit shared their favorite aspects of the unique setting. Many were thrilled to have glimpsed a new set so many seasons into the show.

“Anyone else get super excited to see Abby’s apartment[?!]” wrote the original Reddit poster. “The infamous coffin was WAY cooler than I had pictured, her closet is wild, she has basically half a lab in there, even the front door was cool.”

Me personally, I haven’t gotten that far into “NCIS.” However, simply knowing we get a glimpse at Abby’s famous coffin is enough to keep me intrigued. Meanwhile, other “NCIS” fans pinpointed which episode the forensic scientist’s apartment features in. If any of you Outsiders want to peek at the super cool set, head to Season 15, Episode 22.

Still others shared their own highlights from the “NCIS” set. “It was awesome,” wrote one Redditor. “Wish we got to see newer sets more often.”

Another fan made a noteworthy point: “I also thought it was interesting that up to that point we saw pretty much every other character’s house/apartment, but they left hers a mystery.”

That’s Abby for you, though, isn’t it?

How ‘NCIS’s’ Abby Came to Be

Abby Sciuto is by far one of “NCIS’s” most intriguing and lovable characters. Known for her hyperactive personality and her heart on her sleeve, she treats every one of her coworkers like family. Abby often puts forth the maximum effort to make her fellow teammates feel important and recognized.

However, the creation of the Abby character is interesting in itself. After all, how did producers create the goth scientist in the first place?

The actress revealed during a previous interview with popentertainment.com that, at one point, she had wondered about the character’s origins herself. After asking her boss where Abby came from, Pauley Perrette said, “He had a really interesting answer to that.” She revealed, “He always likes to put characters out that are portrayed differently from [the normal on] television.”

Of Abby and her alternative/gothic style Perrette said of her boss, Don Bellisario, “He thought alternative lifestyle people…were always portrayed on TV as junkies or thieves.”

She said Bellisario instead chose to portray those people in Abby, a scientist in the style of goth who “was not at all a junkie or a thief, but is overly capable. Overly smart. Overly good at her job.”