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‘NCIS’ Fans Toss Out Major Hot Takes for Season 19 Predictions

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

NCIS season 19 is just around the corner, and fans are theorizing about what’s next for the hit series. Season 19 premieres on Monday, September 20th, but it still seems like forever from now for some fans of the show, especially with so many unanswered questions lingering after the literally explosive season 18 finale.

The finale saw Gibbs almost die after his boat blew up in an assassination attempt. Thankfully, fans saw him swim away, but what’s next? In a recent Reddit Thread, one fan asked for some theories.

“What theories do you have for Season 19? What role do you think Gibbs will have? Thoughts on Gary Cole joining Season 19? Do you think Ducky will return in a Limited Role?” they wrote.

‘NCIS’ Fans are Excited to See Gary Cole

Fans did not disappoint with their responses. One immediately responded to the question about Gary Cole. Cole is a major actor known for his work on Office Space, Midnight Caller, The Good Fight, and Talladega Nights. Cole is set to play an FBI agent, but all other details are under wraps.

They also referred to the potential for a crossover between NCIS: Los Angeles or even NCIS: New Orleans, which ended earlier this year.

“Cole is gonna be the serial killer… too big of a name to [not] be either the killer or maybe some legend NCIS Agent. But I think NCIS would either tap Pride in to help or maybe even some of the LA crew if they could. But LA is kind of out in their own killer series rn but season 19 is gonna be a fun one,” the fan wrote.

One Reddit user quickly pointed out why that may not be the case.

“Based on press releases, Cole’s character is an FBI agent. Not to say he couldn’t be the serial killer, but that would be quite a twist.”

Another person is really hoping to see both Ducky and Tony Dinozzo. Both are absolutely beloved characters who don’t have a spot on the show anymore. Though Ducky sometimes makes the occasional appearance.

“Well, s19 would be a perfect time to see tony for an ep or two just to shake things up on the show and maybe help Gibbs find the killer? Ducky would [have] a limited role as usual. And Gary Cole is a pretty good actor so I’m excited,” the Reddit user wrote.

Until this fall, it’s hard to tell exactly what will happen. Much to the dismay of fans, however, Gibb’s won’t be a huge part of the season this year. Apparently, actor Mark Harmon wanted to leave the series but eventually agreed to stay on for another season.

There’s certainly a lot of mystery surrounding these new characters and how they’ll interact with the old, however, and ultimately, fans are excited to see what’s next.