‘NCIS’ Fans Voice Concerns After Wilmer Valderrama’s Latest On-Set Video

by Amy Myers
Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama might be okay, but his character Nick Torres definitely isn’t. Earlier this week, Valderrama posted a video of himself on set, covered in scratches and fake blood. And though the actor was in good spirits, fans are concerned about what’s in store for the beloved Special Agent.

“Some things are evolving here on NCIS,” the actor shared in the clip beside co-star Sean Murray.

During the video, the stars also made sure to show their appreciation for fans and their support through the years. Of course, while NCIS fanatics loved the message that their favorite stars shared, they wanted to know what happened to Nick Torres.

“Oh boy … you know who is losing her mind seeing you covered in blood … oh man … I don’t know how I’m gonna get through this,” Hair Spray actress and NCIS fan Mariss Jaret Winokur wrote.

Journey 2 actor Luis Guzman joined the conversation, wondering, “who did that to You? On my way Papa.”

Likewise, Jane the Virgin actor Jaime Camil offered his help on the NCIS star’s post.

“Who the — did that to you, I want names… #mexicanmafia,” he joked.

Meanwhile, other fans preferred to focus on the remarkable talent that the NCIS team has exhibited all season.

One fan wrote, “you have been a brilliant team and katrina and gary fit in very well with the team.”

“Wilmer! You’re killing it!!” another concurred.

‘NCIS’ Stars Express Admiration for Fans’ Dedication to the Show

Knowing Torres and the rest of the NCIS team, he’ll likely make it out of the dangerous situation that caused him his injuries in one piece. And the reason he’s so willing to put on a bloodied face for the cameras is because of the loyal fans that cheer him on every episode.

During the recent clip, Valderrama reminded fans of the new episode and shared how much their support meant to him and Murray.

“But I also want to say thank you so much, and I know Sean feels the same way,” the NCIS star said.

Murray also added, “The fact that you do what you do for us, we love you we appreciate all you do for us. We wouldn’t be able to do this if you guys were not with us. Thank you! I know Wilmer got a little bit of extra sun today, so he’s looking a little hot. But you know, we do what we gotta do.”

“Yes, absolutely we do what we gotta do,” Valderrama agreed. “We love you so much, we are so grateful to you showing up every Monday night at 9 o’clock on that channel…CBS. All my love!”