‘NCIS’ Fans Weigh In on ‘Feeling Bad’ for Deaths of Past Characters

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

“NCIS” fans have a pretty good memory when it comes to seeing past characters die. A bunch of them were talking about it recently.

In a Reddit thread on this topic, “NCIS” Redditors gathered to share their thoughts about ones they couldn’t feel bad for when they died.

Redditor youngclarky wrote “Kort.” Then realclowntime replied, “I feel they ran out of things to do with his character”.

Searching4ChamomileT wrote, “La grenouille. I felt sorry for Jeanne because she got caught up with it but didn’t care that he died.” Again, realclowntime replied about this “NCIS” character, saying that they liked the guy in some ways and him more interesting than Jenny. But this Redditor wasn’t surprised one bit when he turned up dead. As the Redditor wrote, “There was nowhere else for his story to go.”

‘NCIS’ Fan ‘Didnt’ Feel A Thing’ When Breena Character Died

JamieA7Xfan wrote, “Ari Hashwari, Ziva’s brother”. Searching4ChamomileT replied, “He killed Gerald.”

Leonard Ghostal wrote, “Didn’t feel a thing when they said Breena died. If she was ever on screen I don’t remember it.” Searching4ChamomileT replied, “She was only on once or twice (one episode is when her dad is being really antagonist to Jimmy about the Christmas season I think the episode is Newborn King).” The Redditor continued by saying Breena was an “incredibly hot chick that could have been on the cover of Playboy. Kinda strange to see her with Jimmy but her father’s a mortician.”

Senjimom504 wrote about one “NCIS” character, “Agent Lee.”

Yet another Redditor, drmoocow, wrote, “Jenny Sheppard. Clayton Reeves. Emily Fornell. Hell, for that matter, Diane Fornell. And I wouldn’t have been sad for DiNozzo Senior, either, but that one won’t happen.” Again, realclowntime replied that they liked Reeves a lot and was disappointed that the character was mishandled. The Redditor also said Emily and Diana were sad. “I never got the big deal around Jenny, like how in the wake of her passing she was suddenly this incredible, irreplaceable being of legend, so tragically struck down by evil forces. It seemed a little blown out of proportion.”

One Redditor Wrote Ilan Bodnar Down, Another Mentioned Diane Sterling

Redditor yeetyeeter13 wrote, “For me tbh it’s probably Ilan Bodnar, or The Chameleon from NCIS LA season 3 or 4 I believe(?)”.

DreamyNix wrote, “Diane Sterling. I know everyone loves her on here and thinks she’s just hilarious but I don’t.” DreamyNix also said that “I find her annoying. I can see the way she talks to Gibbs and Fornell because she is their ex-wife but I can’t stand how she talks down to other people like McGee and Dinozzo.”

Once again, realclowntime replied, “I like Diane but I do see where you’re coming from. Like technically to everyone else at NCIS, she’s just some random member of the public who comes in and yells at them like…I’m sorry but you can’t do that. That’s why we have Karen memes.”