‘NCIS’: Fans Weigh in on Their Favorite Season Finales So Far

by Madison Miller

After 18 seasons, “NCIS” has had 18 different opportunities to execute shocking, jaw-dropping, and even tear-jerking season finales.

Oftentimes, season finales are the most powerful and popular episodes in a series. For the dedicated fans that have been there since season one, or have recently binge-watched from the beginning, there are several season finales that stand out in “NCIS” history.

Fans Discuss Best ‘NCIS’ Finales

Fans on a Reddit thread have been debating which of the finales is the best in their opinion.

The user who posted the question said that their favorite was “Twilight.” This is the season finale for season two that aired on May 24, 2005. “For me it’s Twilight- Kate saving Gibbs, only to be killed just when you thought the danger was over, the close-up of Gibbs, then waiting a whole agonizing summer to see the aftermath? Iconic.”

The episode had a way of really playing with the viewer’s emotions. One moment Tony, Gibbs, and Kate are all joking after a mission accomplished, the next Kate is dead on the ground with a bullet hole in her head.

Gibbs had just shot and killed the man that shot Kate in the chest. Luckily, she was wearing a bulletproof vest, which means that was not a fatal shot. Cue the sniper shot heard around the world. Unfortunately, her forehead had no way of being protected.

The scene is particularly dark and gruesome because Tony and Gibbs are standing so close to her that they are sprayed in the face with her blood. It’s also the most shocking moment to happen up to that point in the series. It had only been about two years and fans hadn’t had that long with Kate, to begin with.

Other fans chimed in to share their favorite season finales. One person said “Judgement Day” from season five was “Super Great.”

During “Judgement Day,” the crew loses another member of the team. This time it’s Jenny Shepard, an “NCIS” Special Agent and the director of the program. She was also a romantic interest for Gibbs at the time.

Both “Family First” from season 13 and “The Arizona” from season 17 are considered “heartwarming.” The episode from season 13 is the last with Michael Weatherly, or Tony DiNozzo, as the Senior Field Agent. He finds out that he and Ziva had a child together, so he leaves to take care of his daughter.

Michael Weatherly Favorite Episodes

While fans of the show have their favorite episodes and finales, so do some of the cast members.

Michael Weatherly once told CBS that his favorite of all-time was “Truth or Consequences.” This is the first episode of the seventh season of the series.

This episode deals mostly with the capture of Ziva. At the end of season six, it was discovered that she was held hostage in a prison camp where she was tortured nearly beyond recognition. The episode has a number of flashbacks that fill in the four months that Ziva was gone.

Tony searches endlessly to find her. Eventually, Tony, Gibbs, and McGee all go to Somalia and rescue her.