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‘NCIS’ Fans Are Worried Wilmer Valderrama Is Leaving the Show

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Could Wilmer Valderrama really be leaving NCIS? Could that really be happening? well, fans are worried about it. Fans of the show lost Mark Harmon after 19 seasons on the show and have been losing it over the possibility of Valderrama also exiting the show.

For Valderrama, the possibility of him leaving NCIS is not because of any unhappiness or discontent. The question popped up because he got a new, large role on another show. Similar to Glenn Howerton getting the new role on A.P. Bio, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans began to worry and freak out over his future on the show. The FX sitcom even played into this dynamic with hilarious results.

Valderrama, who has played the role of Torres on the program for five years now, took to Instagram to announce his new gig saying, “Erick, Aaron, Kaitlin all bases loaded.. let’s swing away.”

He continued, “Another victory, for our @officialwventertainment family and I couldn’t be more proud of the heart that goes into everything we develop!”

The show will be called Mexican Beverly Hills and it will also be on CBS, the same channel that NCIS airs on. It’s hard to say if that’s good news or not for fans of the program. It is too early to tell.

What the ‘NCIS’ Star Said Earlier This Year

Earlier this year, he spoke with ET about Torres and his future on the show saying, “That’s what’s exciting about what’s to come. The show is not slowing down. If anything, it’s the same magic but different energy. It’s different dynamics that continue to take us to different places on the show. As long as they keep watching, we’re going to keep showing up.”

That does not sound like an actor who has grown tired of his role. In fact, it sounds like he’s pretty darn happy. That even with this new show, he likes doing NCIS. He likes that it’s popular and he likes coming to work every day. That matters.

He wrapped by saying, “That’s how I feel about that, and I’m grateful that at such a historic time in our industry and the world, we can in a very, very, very, very small part be a contributor to a little bit of sanity. And if we can just stay on the air and we can continue, that is everything you want as an actor and as an entertainer. I’m glad and I’m happy.”

Does this mean he will stay for NCIS for the long haul? No, but does it seem like it’s a foregone conclusion he gets written out of the program because he took a new role? Also no. We shall see once his new show on CBS begins and he starts juggling both roles.