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‘NCIS’ and ‘FBI’ New Episodes Did Not Air on Tuesday Night: Here’s Why

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

Fans may have noticed some slight changes in their usual TV programming last night. On Tuesday night, CBS changed up its typical primetime lineup with the popular crime dramas “NCIS” and “FBI” off the air. 

 The network reportedly pushed new episode of both crime dramas to next week. While network executives did not give much reasoning behind the decision, some believe the update could be because of the Derek Chauvin verdict, which was announced on Tuesday evening. 

However, fans of the shows will be pleased to know that it’s not going off the air ultimately. CBS still plans to air episodes of the three shows, but they will be repeats. 

The network had initially planned to air brand-new episodes of all three shows on Tuesday. Philiana Ng of Entertainment Tonight shared an update on Twitter about when fans can expect to see those new episodes. According to the journalist, CBS has pushed back all three new episodes to come out a week from now. They are set to air on April 27. 

As a result, this means each of the show’s finales will be pushed by another week. Here are the details about what fans can expect from each of the shows:

What Fans Can Expect in New Episodes of ‘NCIS,’ ‘FBI,’ & ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

The “NCIS” episode titled “Sangre,” initially planned for last night, was supposed to see Torres meet his father, Miguel, who left when Torres was a child. Unfortunately, a stabbing gets Miguel involved. Still, photos from the show reveal that Gibbs will have a part to play in the episode despite his suspension. The network replaced “Sangre” on April 20 with a rerun of the episode that featured Maria Bello’s exit. 

As for “FBI,” the initial episode planned for April 20 would be huge for Maggie. Titled “Brother’s Keeper,” the new episode will air on April 27 and will see Maggie attempting to trust that her younger sister is keeping out of trouble as a new college student. Meanwhile, the FBI team will have to find the person who is sending explosive packages and locate his latest threatening package. Last night, fans got to see a rerun of “Uncovered.” 

The “FBI: Most Wanted” episode initially planned for April 20 saw the team go after someone who committed double murder. They would also have to rely on internet sleuths to help them solve the case. Instead of this episode, called “Obstruction,” the network aired a CBS News special with Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King.