‘NCIS’ Finale Shows Off a ‘Pure and Blissful’ Side of Gibbs

by Anna Dunn

NCIS just is about to air its season 18 finale. It may show a more soft side of Agent Gibbs. While on suspension, he finds himself in trouble. The episode also features Agent Gibbs actor Mark Harmon’s wife, Pam Dawber, who plays investigative reporter Marcie Warren.

In fact, executive producer Steve Binder said in a statement that the episode will end on a hopeful note for Gibbs. “We’ll finally get to see Gibbs in unadulterated, pure and blissful happiness — something that has eluded him since we met him, but which we all agree is long overdue,” he assured.

This is exciting news for NCIS fans who have long seen Gibbs suffer over the 18 seasons the show has been on air. This comes also as Mark Harmon is rumored to dial back his presence on the hit show, with CBS Entertainment president telling Deadline that they’re still planning how much he’ll be on.

In the last episode, during the suspended NCIS head’s investigation with Warren, they find out that the man who murdered her childhood friend is a serial killer.

“They dig deeper and begin to suspect the killer is aware of their investigation and that they have put themselves in danger,” executive producer Frank Cardea said. “Of course they disagree on how to proceed.”

Unfortunately, their investigation is likely going to be pretty rocky. “Both are headstrong, opinionated, and don’t care what others think of their actions,” Cardea said. “Marcie does not hesitate to call Gibbs out when he hides behind his stoic facade.”

Meanwhile, Pam Dawber said that “Marcie gets away with a lot, but she doesn’t have to go home with Gibbs. Need I say more?”

The ‘NCIS’ Finale May also See Some Romance

The episode doesn’t just follow Gibbs and Warren. It also follows the NCIS team. Joined by Special Agent Jessica Knight, the episode opens with Tim Mcgee, Ellie Bishop, and Nick Torres in the middle of a case. The case apparently “goes bad very quickly.”

Agent Torres finds himself fresh off a heartbreak as well after a conversation where he felt rejected by Agent Bishop. But for any fans of Torres and Bishop, there’s good news. Cardea teased that “We’ll find out nothing could be further from the truth.”

NCIS may be ending its 18th season, but fans don’t need to worry. It’s been renewed for its 19th season. While NCIS: New Orleans has an upcoming season finale due to cancellation, the brand new NCIS: Hawai’i and a new season of NCIS: Los Angeles will also air this fall. The NCIS finale will air on Tuesday, May 25, 8/7c, on CBS.