‘NCIS’ Finally Reveals How Gibbs Got His Boat Out of the Basement

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS fans know that there is A LOT to unpack as we rebound from the most recent season nineteen episode of the hit CBS series.

For many fans, the most exciting news from tonight’s Great Wide Open episode comes from finally solving one of the series’s biggest mysteries.

No, this mystery has nothing to do with a serial killer, a kidnapper, or anything else the NCIS Agents would investigate on the field.

This mystery is one that fans have asked about for years. How, exactly, does Gibbs get his boats out of his basement?

‘NCIS’s’ Gibbs Hears All The Theories

Yes. NCIS fans finally learned how Leroy Jethro Gibbs transfers his boat from his basement at home and onto the open water.

Just a quick warning…there are some major spoilers from tonight’s NCIS Great Wide Open episode ahead!

Fans are certainly heartbroken to see that Leroy Jethro Gibbs has made his exit from the show as he travels off to Alaska. Of course, we knew his time was coming…but, we still were not prepared for the heartbreaking final moments.

While many of tonight’s scenes were full of heartbreaking good-byes, NCIS fans also got some closure to the long-awaited boat mystery.

After all, questions about how the NCIS boat enthusiast transports his projects out of his basement; and onto the water have been a source of curiosity for the NCIS team over the years. In fact, even Gibbs’s own officers have begun to wonder about this.

During Mark Harmon’s final moments on tonight’s NCIS, Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) discussed with Gibbs some of the theories the team has come up with over the years.

Some of these theories include “moveable walls, pulley systems… your house has a coal tunnel underneath.”

It was a fun moment to focus on as the episode continued to become overwhelming during each of Gibbs’s goodbyes.

And, eventually, amid all of the sadness, fans were given their answer.

‘He’s Not Coming Back’

In the show, the new NCIS character, Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) searched for Gibbs. At this point, Gibbs is considered to be AWOL by Parker.

Then, as Parker looks over Gibbs’ basement – where any NCIS fan knows the officer works on his boats – his flashlight highlights one odd section along one of the basement’s walls.

This wall, one the audience never sees, has a curious feature: a boat-sized hole had been knocked out of the cinderblocks.

“Something tells me he’s not coming back,” Parker says at the sight of the hole.

Clearly, he knows just what that means. And, so did Twitter!

First, NCIS star Brian Dietzen stepped in with a simple post. It was one that said very few words…but fans of the hit series knew exactly what he was talking about.

“Yes,” Dietzen says in the Monday night tweet. “Yes we did. #NCIS”

“Wait did we just see how Gibbs gets his boat out of his basement?” one Twitter user responds to Dietzen’s post-of-few-words Monday night.

It makes sense that the reveal would be a shock.

There was so much going on all evening. Even if we just focus on all of the heartwrenching good-bye’s Gibbs had to say to his team as he decided to settle into life in Alaska.