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‘NCIS’: First Lady Michelle Obama Once Appeared on Season 13 of the Show

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

NCIS has had a lot of notable guest stars over its almost two decades, but nothing quite compares to Michelle Obama’s appearance on the show in season 13. Michelle Obama also appeared on Parks & Rec during her time in the White House, surprising TV audiences around the country with both appearances.

In the episode, Agent Gibbs and Anne are summoned by Michelle Obama, who is assembling a “Joining Forces” round table, helping the White House stay connected to military families. She thanks Gibbs and Anne for their service, and by doing so thanks any military member watching for their service as well.

“We know the sacrifices our military families are making, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Nor do the sacrifices of our veterans,” she said.

The 2016 episode is certainly one for your re-watch. Not only was it incredibly relevant to the lives of your favorite NCIS characters, but Michelle Obama’s guest appearance is a fascinating part of the history of the show.

While it was no doubt hard to get a guest of her caliber on the show, it also makes sense. NCIS is the highest-rated drama in the world. With that kind of status, it makes more sense how they would manage to get her to make an appearance.

Now, Mark Harmon May Leave ‘NCIS’

Mark Harmon’s got to do some incredible things while working on the show including meeting the First Lady, but now, he may bow out. The star is reportedly eyeing a departure. Rumors swirled after a Hollywood Reporter article alleged Harmon wanted to leave NCIS for good, but CBS said they’d cancel the show if he left.

Now, Harmon looks like he’ll be on for a few episodes, but it’s unclear how long that’ll last. Whether or not he’ll be in season 20 (if there is one) is hard to say, but some think it’s unlikely he’d continue as Gibbs after season 19.

Regardless of whether or not he stays, Harmon has brought a lot to the role of Gibbs over the years. NCIS would certainly feel different without him. NCIS is also bringing on two new actors, Gary Cole and Katrina Law, to the show. Law appeared in the finale of season 18, but it’ll be Cole’s first time on the show.

On top of that, Agent Bishop actress Emily Wickersham left the show this year. So there will be two new faces, one person gone and one person in a limited role. While it may take time to adjust, this doesn’t mean NCIS is doing poorly elsewhere. Just like many of its previous seasons, the show absolutely crushed it in the ratings this year.

It’ll likely continue to do so, but we won’t know for sure until it premieres once more in the Fall.