‘NCIS’: Is Fornell Returning to Help Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Fake His Death?

by Shelby Scott

The upcoming season of the CBS hit show “NCIS” is shaping up to be an interesting, though nerve-wracking, one. With multiple character departures and one more recently considering leaving after two decades on “NCIS,” fans are a nervous wreck. Nevertheless, soon we’ll find out whether or not former FBI agent Tobias Fornell has returned to the “NCIS” set to help Agent Gibbs fake his death.

Express shared that “NCIS” showrunners are adding fuel to the fire surrounding the theory as we slowly approach the premiere of the new season. Because of Fornell and Gibbs’ close relationship and the theory that Agent Gibbs has faked his death to help former Agent Bishop, the plot theory makes sense.

To briefly summarize the season 18 finale, Gibbs took out his famous boat on a lake to search for clues in a mysterious death. It’s then that the main character’s boat explodes, going up in flames, and throwing Gibbs into the water. The finale ends as, briefly, Gibbs lies face down in the lake, seemingly dead, before abruptly swimming off.

The finale left a lot of cliffhangers, but the biggest question, obviously, is who orchestrated the explosion and why? While fans seem sure Gibbs faked his own death, it appears he may not have accomplished the feat alone. The media outlet explained that, with Mark Harmon’s (Gibbs) desire to have a limited role on “NCIS,” Fornell would make the perfect character to return to take his place. Further, he would help “dampen” any suspicions concerning the “NCIS” agent’s supposed death. In this way, it would make sense for such an abrupt return from the character.

‘NCIS’ Fans Worry The Show Won’t Continue After Season 19

Despite the return of Tobias Fornell, fans are nevertheless worried about Mark Harmon’s minimal appearances this season. They’re also concerned that with the ever-shrinking number of original cast members, “NCIS” won’t be able to continue much longer.

Reddit has had a lot to say lately concerning the hit show’s new season. In an earlier thread, they expressed concerns that season 19 may be Mark Harmon’s last. Should that be the case, fans fear this could be the last season because the actor’s character is such a necessary member of the crew. “I don’t think the new cast could carry the show with Gibbs being in a small number of episodes,” one worried Redditor shared.

If the show still carried a larger number of the characters from the original “NCIS” crew, the OP explained that the team may have made it without Gibbs. “I think the old days of the funny banter between Tony and McGee could carry it,” they wrote, “not this cast.”

Nevertheless, the crew has added two more regular characters, Katrina Law and Gary Cole. While we don’t know much about them, perhaps they can help bring some normalcy back to the show with so much changing.