‘NCIS’: Full Recap of Season 19, Episode 7

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Patricia Richardson and her character’s love life sparked Monday’s NCIS. McGee’s mother-in-law certainly kept a lot of secrets.

And it turns out, one of Richardson’s Judy Price Fielding’s big secrets was a Navy commander who was found dead in a cruise ship sauna in Monday’s episode. The NCIS agents then spent the next hour trying to figure out why. As usual, there were lots of twists, as McGee (Sean Murray) tried to play referee between his mother-in-law and overly protective wife, Delilah.

The key to it all was a playing card found in Judy’s purse and a lot of toxic waste disguised as barrels of ginger ale.

Here’s how it all unfolded. As the episode opened, we see Judy, wearing a robe, walking into the ship sauna. She’d told her daughter she was at home watching a baking show. But there she was, opening the sauna door. A dead body fell at her feet. NCIS agents were brought in because the man, who was wearing a tux, was a Navy commander named Roger Burrows. As Dr. Jimmy Palmer said, Burrows cooked in the sauna.

When McGee first talked to his mother-in-law, she said she’d talked to Burrows once or twice on deck. But she was lying. Her finger prints were found on a wine glass in Burrows’ room. That’s when she confessed to having a vacation fling with Burrows.

NCIS Agents Discovered Burrows Was On Cruise Ship to Investigate Another Death

NCIS agents learn that Burrows had security cameras set up in his room. He was spying on someone. But who? Meanwhile, McGee and his wife brought Judy to her condo. As the three approached the condo, Judy showed McGee and her daughter the nifty app on her phone that turned her security on and off. As she clicked on the app, her condo exploded.

So McGee brought Judy back to his place. Later, Judy wanted to throw a dinner for her book club. She even called for food delivery. As it turns out, the man who delivered the food was Judy’s ex-fiance. And again, Delilah had no idea her mother was dating anyone. The delivery guy asked Judy for the expensive purse he’d given her as a gift. As she dumped out the belongings in her purse, she found an envelope addressed to NCIS. The only thing in it was a Joker playing card.

Let’s check back in on the case. Burrows was on the cruise ship because he wanted to find out why a family friend died there three months before. Allison was a waitress who fell off the 10th deck. What was the card about? The agents suspected the clue was related to her boyfriend, a magician on the cruise ship. He did card tricks. But it’s not what you think.

Kasie’s analysis of the card revealed it had traces of a toxic waste. That was the crime. The cruise ship captain and head of security were taking kick backs to dump toxic waste at sea. Allison witnessed this and she was killed. Burrows got too close and the captain stabbed him in the neck with a navigational tool.

And Judy provided the final clue. She saw security tape showing workers loading barrels of ginger ale on the ship. But she loved ginger ale and knew that brand wasn’t on board.

“Did I just crack the case?” Judy as she laughed. “I just cracked the case.”