NCIS’: Full Recap of Season 19, Episode 9 ‘Collective Memory’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021

NCIS loves to reveal so many details as the agents solve a case. Take Monday’s episode called Collective Memory.

Jess reveals she hasn’t spoken to her mother in months. Kasie created a hologram of her pet hamster, Mr. Belvedere. And Jimmy knows fashion, or at least an expensive purse when he spots it in the weeds outside a Naval station. It’s why Brian Dietzen, who portrays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, tweeted #fashionisart with the video of him giving details about the body and the Balenciaga bag.

When the NCIS episode opened, the agents were tending to the body of a woman, who’d been dead for about 12 hours. She was obviously rich, with the designer bag and a big diamond ring on her finger and a Tesla in the parking lot. She’d been watching a kid’s soccer game with a pair of opera glasses.

Alden Parker figured out that Sandra had been executed. After all, the killer used a silencer. Plus, the calls she’d received on her cell also had been coming from inside her own home.

Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021

But Sandra, literally, had a say in how the NCIS agents solved her murder. In the weeks before she died, a tech company spent days interviewing her to prepare an interactive hologram. Or, as Parker called it, a Holo-Sandra. You could have long conversations with the hologram. Jess did so as she sat in a darkened room inside Sandra’s Bethesda mansion. Jess became so well acquainted with Holo-Sandra that she’d drink a beer as she talked to her. For what it’s worth, Holo-Sandra didn’t like Torres.

Sandra was reacting as if Jess was her daughter, Ruby. She had the hologram created for a cool $250,000 so she could tie up loose ends with her daughter. Plus, Sandra was dying of cancer.

Still, Ruby despised her mother. She spilled all the tea when she arrived at the NCIS office. Ruby told the agents that her mother was the female “Bernie Madoff.” She ripped off her clients for millions of dollars. Ben, Sandra’s son, killed himself by driving off a bridge the day his mother confessed. Ruby was raising Ben’s son as her own and she still was so bitter in regards to her mother.

Wait, Who Killed Sandra on NCIS? Was It the Butler?

So who might’ve killed Sandra? Let’s sift through the details. Maybe it was her valet and butler, Geoffrey. Kasie said it’s always the butler. And Geoffrey, who was so open with his help early on, disappeared.

Beck, Sandra’s lawyer, pointed out that Geoffrey was mad at Sandra because she’d written him out of her will to leave all her money to her grandson. Then there was a threatening note. Holo-Sandra told Jess about it. The handwriting definitely was Geoffrey’s. Plus, his finger prints were on the letter and the envelope had a fake postal stamp on it.

Jess and Torres found Geoffrey on a campsite owned by Sandra. And eventually, Geoffrey confessed that someone paid him $50,000 to write the note and slip it to his boss. The agents figured out that an account by the name of JamieTwoShoes paid Geoffrey in bitcoin.

Who was JamieTwoShoes? Let’s ask Holo-Sandra. That would be Sandra’s best friend, a guy as close to her as a brother. They’d known each other since college. She’d given him the nickname. It was her attorney, Beck.

Beck confessed and offered some other details to the NCIS agents. “Sandra never embezzled any money,” a teary Beck said. “I convinced Ben to help me steal the money. I pinned whole thing on her son.”

So Sandra really was as sweet and loving as everyone described her. That came through with Jess. As the NCIS episode ended, Jess called her mother. Meanwhile, Ruby finally talked to her mother’s hologram.

NCIS fans, this episode will have to last for a few weeks. The next new episode is Jan. 3.