NCIS: Full Recap, Season 19, Episode 6

by Suzanne Halliburton
Michael Yarish/CBS

Monday’s episode of NCIS revealed all sorts of topics. People sell sweaty sports bras and jerseys to fans who want their items used. And someone is developing a test to detect gene doping, in athletes.

Also, our favorite NCIS agents are full of secrets.

Did you know that McGee (Sean Murray) was a two-time state champion in track? Parker (Gary Cole) might or might not be a birder with his own web site. But he does like to bring kolaches to the office. It’s his hidden talent — he can find the best breakfast pastries in any town.

Jess Knight (Katrina Law) is a former track star on the NCAA Division I level.

And Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) quickly identified with a troubled young sailor, who’d been training for the sprint events in an upcoming Navy Games.

But as far as the case of Monday’s False Start, sometimes a murder is committed on a simple motive to cover up another crime.

Michael Yarish/CBS

‘NCIS’ Episode Concerned Case of a Dead Track Coach

Monday’s NCIS episode opened with a dead body. A beloved Navy commander, known as Coach Davis, was dead. He had a strange blunt trauma wound to his head. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), the medical examiner, determined the wound was a burn. It could’ve been caused by something like a starter’s gun used in track.

Davis trained some of the Navy’s top athletes. All of them trained, on top of their military duties. Felix was Davis’ top pupil. He was notably upset over the death of his coach.

As the NCIS agents kicked the tires on the case, they discovered a hidden compartment in the coach’s office. He’d been keeping a drawer full of vials, all containing performance enhancing drugs. There also was a yellow ribbon in the drawer. Was this beloved commander/coach drugging his athletes?

Torres, briefly, goes undercover at a gym. Kyle, another athlete, is selling stuff. Drugs? Nope, he was stealing used sports bras, jerseys and other items to fans who liked the stuff. Kyle admitted making about $1,000 a month from his side hustle. The coach found out what he was doing and shut it down a couple of days before he died. Some of his buyers were angry. And that brought McGee and Parker to a storage facility to track down one of the angry buyers. Her name was Astrid.

Astrid’s Research Led to Killer

Turns out Astrid had a secret lab. She was buying the used underwear for her research. Astrid was developing a test to determine if an athlete was gene doping or manipulating DNA. No, she wasn’t a killer, but she had a treasure trove of info in her database. Like who among the commander’s athletes was doping? There was only one. That was Jamie, who was killed the year before.

That’s when Parker looked at the yellow ribbon and figured out who murdered the commander. The NCIS agents met with his parents earlier in the episode to inquire about the steroids. They said they knew nothing.

But it turns out the dad was making his son take drugs to better his performance. The coach found out. And even although the athlete was dead, the coach wanted to notify other competitors to let them know they’d been beaten by a cheater.

The athlete’s dad became so enraged that he confronted the coach. And once Parker pressed the dad, the father confessed.