‘NCIS’: Gary Cole Cast in Major Season 19 Role, Here’s What Fans Are Saying

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: M. Phillips/WireImage

“NCIS” is busy filling out its cast for the upcoming Season 19. And right now, the show is looking to cast character actor Gary Cole in a major role. Fans are already debating what the news may mean for the show and Mark Harmon’s place within it.

Who might Cole be playing on “NCIS”? The actor has had a versatile range across his career, playing everything from serious to comedic roles. Some fans in a Reddit post are questioning if “NCIS” just introduced the eventual replacement for Mark Harmon? Cole certainly has the acting chops to carry a TV show. Additionally, Cole may fill a similar role as Leroy Gibbs on the show – the grizzled voice of reason.

“Harmon replacement and/or the face of the organization/person that was tailing Gibbs,” one user wrote. But another questioned if Cole was playing a villain. Perhaps, the actor will play the character behind the explosion on Gibbs’ boat. Cole vs. Harmon, now that’s a match-up we would like to see. If Cole takes a turn for the dark side, then you heard it here first.

“He’s either gonna be Gibb’s replacement or the serial killer he starts hunting near the end of the season,” the user mentioned.

‘NCIS’ Considers Gary Cole

So for those who don’t know – who is Gary Cole? The actor has had a long and prolific career in Hollywood, appearing on both the small and big screen. For his comedic roles, it doesn’t get better than Reese Bobby in “Talladega Nights.” The actor portrayed the foul mouth, volatile old man of Will Ferrel’s NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby. His ode to fame in that film was getting thrown out of an Applebee’s.

But Cole has also starred as Bill Lumbergh in the cult classic “Office Space” for instance. Sitcom fans may remember him for filling in as Mike Brady during some of the “Brady Bunch” reunion movies as well. He’s appeared in several comedies such as “Veep,” “Entourage,” and played a small role in “Dodgeball.”

But on the television side of things, Cole has recently held the role of Kurt McVeigh on “The Good Wife.” He even reprised the role in the spinoff “The Good Fight” as well. Additionally, fans may remember him on “The West Wing” as the vice president as well.

“NCIS” is expected to return for Season 19 with Mark Harmon still involved. However, the actor may be taking a limited role for the season after reportedly wanting off the show. So, it looks like the NCIS team may be down a leader for some time. But maybe, Cole will prove a worthy successor.