‘NCIS’: Gary Cole Makes His Debut on Show in Major Plot Twist

by Joe Rutland

Actor Gary Cole, who was expected to appear on “NCIS” at some point this season, makes his debut on Monday in a major plot twist.

Cole appears as FBI Agent Alden Park, and his appearance stuns the “NCIS” team.

They are busy trying to track down a serial killer who tried to kill Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon.) When they’re working on this case, they seem to notice someone hanging around in film footage.

The “NCIS” crew thinks this man might be an accomplice to Gibbs’ attempted murder.

It turns out that it’s Park, played by Cole, and they got in the way of his work.

‘NCIS’ Fans Express Their Joy Over Having Cole Appear on CBS Crime Drama

So, Outsiders, Cole made his first on-screen appearance as Park.

Fans were flocking to Twitter and sharing their thoughts.

Fan CauseRSisEpic wrote, “We’re finally meeting FBI Special Agent Alden Park #NCIS”.

Jake Sundall wrote, “So what’s going to happen to get Gary Cole to #NCIS?”.

His most recent starring turn is in the CBS show, “The Good Fight.” Cole plays Kurt McVeigh, who is married to Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) in the series. Cole had played this role in the predecessor series, “The Good Wife.”

Actor Reportedly Would Not Replace Mark Harmon’s Character Completely

He’s definitely no stranger to film and TV fans. When Cole’s fans look at his resume’, one of the roles that stand out is Bill Lumbergh in “Office Space.”

Earlier reports ahead of Monday night’s reveal let fans know that Park would not replace Gibbs on the show.

An article by TVInsider revealed rumors about Cole joining have been circulating. TVInsider said Cole was “in talks for a major” role.

DEADLINE reports back then details on Park were held back at the time. DEADLINE also made it clear that Park isn’t replacing Gibbs. He is aiming to “fill the void” as Harmon is just due to appear in a few episodes. No final number of appearances for the “NCIS” star is released.

This Season’s Third Episode Has A Title. Its Details Are Sketchy With What Will Happen

Looking ahead to the third episode of “NCIS” this season, it is titled Road to Nowhere

What does that mean? Maybe the team cannot find answers after a lengthy search. The title sounds a bit defeatist which is against what most titles reflect.

Gibbs had his boat accident and an explosion leaves him with shrapnel in his abdomen. They are searching after a serial killer. The second episode aired on Monday night and, as we know, Cole makes his debut. We do not know how this is being squared away by next week.