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‘NCIS’: Gary Cole’s Alden Parker Already Proves He’s Going to Be a Decisive Character, Creating Friction

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

“NCIS” Season 19 Episode 2 debuted last night featuring a stellar performance by actor Gary Cole. But his character Alden Parker might do more harm than good for the team.

This is your spoiler warning!!! We’ll be breaking down last night’s Sept. 27 “NCIS” episode.

Alrighty then. So, in this episode, we find out that Cole’s character, FBI Special Agent Alden Parker, is actually working undercover. Gibbs and the team suspected the mysterious “masked man” of being an accomplice of the suspected murderer (or at least someone with information on the suspect).

Turns out, the masked man was an agent trying to uncover the same murderer as the NCIS team. Now, they’ve impeded his investigation.

By the end of the episode, Gibbs has shot the suspect in the back after he escaped and took some agents hostage. Parker has a conversation with Director Leon Vance (Rocky Caroll) about what comes next, since the suspect was hired to do the killings by someone else.

The official “NCIS” Twitter account posted a clip of their conversation last night. Essentially, Parker promises to “share intel” on his investigation with the NCIS team. But he tells Vance that a condition he has for sharing information is that Gibbs “can’t be part of this.”

When Vance protests, Parker says, “Look, I like the man’s style. But my bosses won’t appreciate me collaborating with a suspended agent, much less a dead one.”

But Vance doesn’t take Parker’s answer lying down. “First of all, Agent Parker, if you expect your identity to remain protected, we demand the same of Agent Gibbs’ current status. I don’t want whoever blew up his boat to know that they failed,” Vance says threateningly. “And second, while I understand your position, if you want us to compare notes, Gibbs has too much skin in the game to leave off the team.”

Before Parker can say much else, Vance cuts in. “Gibbs stays in the loop, Agent Parker. Whether you want him or not.”

‘NCIS’ Actor Gary Cole Originally Thought to be Replacing Mark Harmon’s Gibbs

Earlier this summer, reports from Variety speculated that Gary Cole might just be coming on to “NCIS” to replace the longtime lead, Mark Harmon.

This will be Harmon’s 19th season and year with the show, playing the iconic lead man, Jethro Gibbs. Cole, who boasts an impressive acting resume, seemed like the kind of actor who could take over for Harmon once he decided to retire. But now, based on last night’s episode, it looks like Cole will actually be opposing Harmon on the show.

It’s hard to say at this point if Cole’s character Parker might do more harm or good for the “NCIS” team. But he certainly promises to keep things eventful.