‘NCIS’: Gibbs Goes Missing Again in Episode 3 of Season 19 After Major Reveal Over Recent Arrest

by Suzanne Halliburton

Looks like Gibbs goes rogue — again — Monday night in the new NCIS episode. He’s going to meet up with the serial killer.

And his fellow NCIS agents ask themselves “is this a trap?”

The NCIS social media team teased 20 seconds of Monday’s episode. It’s called Road to Nowhere. And once again, it’s Gibbs-centric as he digs for more details about a killer.

To open the tease, Alden Park (Gary Cole) is sitting next to the hospital bed of Paul Lemere, the killer. Gibbs shot Lemere at the end of this past Monday’s Nearly Departed. Lemere escaped the interrogation room and grabbed Kasie by the neck, threatening to kill her. Instead, Gibbs, who Lemere didn’t see, shot the killer. Everyone assumed he was dead — until the trailer played.

So Alden Park tells Lemere “we got you for seven murders.” And Lemere whispers “there’s another body, check into it.”

Then Vance is having a conversation about the body. There’s a catch to Lemere’s information. He wants Gibbs there, too.

And then we see Park and Gibbs talking about the killer, who tried to murder Gibbs by blowing up his boat in the final seconds of the season 18 finale. Park tells Gibbs “this guy is a piece of work.” And Gibbs counters “oh yeah, he’s a piece of something.”

This NCIS Episode Isn’t About a Normal Serial Killer. He Gets Paid

But this isn’t a simple case about a serial killer. Lemere is killing people for money. He was able to track Gibbs and break into his house. He knows all the names of the NCIS agents. Who is paying him?

As Jess says: “Lemere is not a serial killer, he’s a contract killer.” So, in other words, follow the money. We know from next Monday’s episode synopsis that Jess (Katrina Law) goes undercover at a large manufacturing company to find more information about Lemere. What did she discover?

Later in the clip, we see Gibbs and Lemere, together. Lemere is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit. The two of them are near a house.

But the NCIS agents realize Gibbs could be walking into a trap. Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) says “that means Gibbs has stepped into a trap.” And Park tells him “we’ve got to find him.”

Then, everyone figures out Gibbs has disappeared. Kasie meets with Vance. “Wait,” she says. “Gibbs is missing again? Seriously, we need to put a bell around his neck.”

We know from spoilers that the Lemere issue isn’t settled next Monday. Rather, it’ll continue for another NCIS episode after that. That one is called Great Wide Open. And this NCIS twist leads to Alaska, where Gibbs and McGee (Sean Murray) go on a very long road trip.

It’s still all about getting information on Lemere. But Gibbs also may figure out his NCIS future. Stay tuned.