‘NCIS’: Gibbs Gets a Lashing from Gary Cole’s Alden Park in New Clip

by Anna Dunn

In a new NCIS season 19 clip, Gibbs gets a talking to from Gary Cole’s Alden Park. Cole just joined the cast as the agent and is already making a big impression. Some fans are annoyed by the way he gets on Gibbs’ case. The clip is a great example.

Gibbs had shot their only lead, who turned out to be Serial Killer Scott Lemere as he held a knife to Kasie’s throat. While Park admits that the review board would feel Gibbs took a clean shot, that doesn’t mean he feels like it was the smart move to make. The two clash in the hospital, where Gibbs simply says that there’s no way Lemere is going to die.

Gary Cole Joins the Cast for Season 19 with Katrina Law

Following the exit of Emily Wickersham, who played agent Bishop, Gary Cole has Joined the cast alongside Katrina Law. The two new additions to the cast along with Emily Wickersham’s departure have some fans frustrated with the series. It’s had a ton of cast turnover in recent years.

Still, it has nothing to do with the actors themselves. Law and Cole are bringing their all to their new NCIS roles. Their characters both struggle to fit in and connect with the rest of the team.

Gibbs Goes Missing In a New Preview of the Next ‘NCIS’ Episode

The new preview for the next episode shows Agent Park talking to Lemere in the hospital bed, but it looks like when Lemere wants to talk to Gibbs, Gibbs vanishes.

Considering the fact that Mark Harmon is reportedly only going to star in a handful of episodes this season, maybe this episode is the one where Gibbs has to fly under the radar and leave the team behind for a bit. He’s had a big presence for the first few episodes, but Harmon has to bow out from a good chunk of the season at some point.

It does look like episode 4 is a special episode where Gibbs and McGee go to Alaska to look for more info on Lemere, however, so who knows what’ll happen after Gibbs goes missing. But with so many Gibbs heavy episodes at the beginning of the season and reports earlier this summer that Harmon wouldn’t be in this season much, Gibbs may not be much of a presence later in October and beyond.

It’s also revealed in the trailer that Lemere is actually a contract killer. So the question is if he’s a contract killer, whose behind the scenes calling the shots? There’s plenty to think about before Monday’s episode gets here.

NCIS will air at 9/8 Central on CBS. Following the new episode, a new episode of the brand new spinoff, NCIS: Hawai’i is set to premiere.