‘NCIS’: Gibbs Remains ‘in Hiding’ As Parker and Vance Go Head to Head

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, Parker still is peeved with Gibbs as Monday’s NCIS tells its Great Wide Open story.

The show’s Twitter account posted a clip featuring Parker (Gary Cole) and Vance (Rocky Carroll) talking about Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

And honestly, most anyone can understand where Parker is coming from. In last week’s NCIS episode, Gibbs and Parker took contract killer Paul Lemere to upstate New York. Lemere promised he’d bring them to his first victim. Instead, he spent a good portion of the trip taunting Gibbs.

Parker didn’t like it and told Gibbs they should head back to D.C. Gibbs said sure thing and pulled over to allow Parker to make a call. Then Gibbs took off in the black SUV with Lemere still in the back seat.

NCIS social media called the video “where’s Gibbs?”

Can You Tell From the NCIS Video? Parker Isn’t Pleased with Gibbs

So, it looks like from the video that Vance called Parker into the NCIS office for a meeting. Yes, Vance understands why Parker might be irritated.

Vance tells Parker: “I figured you’d want to talk to Gibbs. But you put a warrant out for his arrest?”

Seriously, there’s a warrant for Leroy Jethro Gibbs?

Parker responds: “No, actually I didn’t, the bureau did. I’m just following orders. He’s a suspended agent who stole a government vehicle.” And although Parker is going by the book, Vance says “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Parker reminds Vance that Gibbs “kidnapped a suspect … who later died under mysterious circumstances.”

Vance jumps in with the truth “the guy blew himself up.”

“And whose fault is that?” Parker asks. “You know, this would be a lot easier if you’d just order Gibbs to turn himself in. “

And Vance reminds Parker that Gibbs isn’t “an active agent. He doesn’t take orders from me anymore. I can’t order him to do anything. “

Parker pleads: “Then call him as a friend and tell him to get his ass out of hiding.”

And Vance has the line of the night, at least the early part of an NCIS evening.

“Gibbs doesn’t hide.” But as Parker says, “then where is he?”

Here’s where Gibbs is. Vance is with him. This photo is from the episode. But as this episode opens, Parker is serving a warrant on Gibbs. No one is there.

Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Parker Can Find Gibbs in Alaska with McGee

We already have a clue to Gibbs’ whereabouts. He and McGee are headed to Alaska. It’s not clear from this clip whether Parker knows about this detail in the Gibbs saga. Lemere, before he stepped on a landmine he planted, gave Gibbs one final clue. Head to a fishing village in southwestern Alaska.

In last week’s NCIS episode, the agents figured out that four of Lemere’s eight victims had connections to a copper mine Sonova wanted to build in Alaska. Sonova is a worldwide conglomerate that wants to enter the cell phone business. A copper mine would be very lucrative.

Stay tuned for tonight’s NCIS episode. Folks are speculating that it will be Gibbs final appearance in season 19.