‘NCIS’: Gibbs Uttering a Signature Catchphrase to Open Season 19, Episode 2 Has Fans Losing It

by Taylor Cunningham

After the NCIS season 18 finale, we didn’t know if Special Agent Gibbs would be back. And our hearts sunk when we imagined a world without his ever-lasting wisdom.

Over the summer, rumors started swirling around the fate of Mark Harmon’s character. Harmon had been with the series since its first episode in 2003. And the actor had mentioned that he was thinking about retiring from the show. Then in May, the season 18 cliffhanger presented the perfect exit. In the episode, Gibbs’s boat exploded his chance of survival looked slim.

So NCIS had the perfect write-off for Mark Harmon’s character. He was no longer the team lead, and he was quite possibly dead. But earlier this month, we got word that Gibbs would be back, but only for a few episodes. We’d like to see him every week, but we’ll take what we can get.

And the special agent came back for the season opener. In fact, the whole episode revolved around the sagely Leroy Gibbs. But he told the team that they don’t need him anymore. And it sounded like he wouldn’t go back into the field. So we don’t know how the producers will shape his new guest role on the show.

Now that we experienced so much angst surrounding Gibbs’s fate, we know better than to take him for granted. So when he uttered his signature catchphrase on tonight’s episode, our hearts nearly exploded. And the official NCIS Twitter page knew “grab your gear” would be sweet, sweet music to our ears.

Fans Loved Hearing ‘Grab Your Gear’ Once Again on ‘NCIS’

The show jumped onto its page as soon as the show ended. And they kept the Gibbs momentum going.

“Did we hear a Gibbs ‘Grab Your Gear’?” it asked. “First one to clip it out wins. #NCIS”

Fans quickly joined the fun. They wrote how much they loved the scene and one person even posted a clip of their favorite “grab your gear” scene from an earlier season. It wasn’t long before the winner posted a screen recording from tonight’s episode. And for anyone who missed it, here it is.

NCIS posted its own six minutes later.

“Never gets old. #NCIS,” it captioned. And @hemstead_susan responded with, ” It never will. I wish it could last forever.” We do too, Susan. We do too.

“Yes! Love to hear it, welcome back Gibbs,” replied @BenzillaVlogs.

And @JBraxt29 told NCIS that those words are the only way to get a season going. “‘Grab Your Gear'”, he echoed. “Now the season really has started! #NCIS.”

But @grlswt224 had the best comment of all. The catchphrase is great, but all we really need is Gibbs’s smiling face. “Seeing Gibbs smile is the best,” she wrote. “Best team.”