‘NCIS’ Guest Star Patricia Richardson Previews Her ‘Great Character’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sonja Flemming/CBS

With hours to go before Monday’s NCIS episode, we’re learning some delicious new details about guest star Patricia Richardson and her character, Judy.

That’s Judy Price Fielding, mother of Delilah Fielding and mother-in-law to Timothy McGee. We know that tonight’s NCIS episode is called Docked and that Richardson, the Home Improvement star, will be front and center. After all, it’s her discovery that sets off the investigation of the crime of the week.

But there will be lots of banter, Richardson says, between mother and daughter and presumably, McGee (Sean Murray). Richardson sat down with TV Insider to preview Judy, who while on a cruise, discovers a dead body in the sauna. The catch? Judy was having a vacation fling with the guy.

“She’s such a great character,” Richardson said. “She lies to her daughter all the time because her daughter is really overprotective. And so as a result of that, (her daughter) never lets her do anything. She’s always on her ass. So Judy lies to her all the time. Delilah never knows what she’s doing. And so McGee gets caught between his wife and his mother-in-law at some points during this episode because we’re always fighting — and Judy’s a little promiscuous apparently.”

In NCIS Preview McGee Gets A TMI Interrogation Courtesy of His Mother-In-Law

A little promiscuous? In a preview tease from NCIS, McGee interrogates his mother-in-law, as new boss Alden Parker (Gary Cole), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jess (Katrina Law) listen in. It’s a TMI moment for all involved, if there is such a thing in an NCIS investigation.

“We met on the second day of the cruise,” Judy told her son-in-law. “One thing led to another… We were intimate with each other … Would it help the investigation if I went into more detail?”

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Chances are, this NCIS episode might have a bit more humor to it. Richardson could deliver a good, dry line back in the day when she starred opposite Tim Allen in Home Improvement, a 1990s-era TV classic.

NCIS writers love to bring in McGee relatives. Troian Bellisario played McGee’s sister, Sarah. In real life, Murray and Bellisario are step-brother and sister. Bellisario’s father created NCIS. Jamey Sheridan portrayed McGee’s dad. And Lily Tomlin played McGee’s grandmother.

Margo Harshman returns as McGee’s wife, Delilah. She’s been a recurring character throughout the series. On the show, Delilah works for the Department of Defense. Her first episode was in 2013. Her last two episodes were from season 18 earlier this year. In all, Harshman has appeared in 16 episodes, not counting Docked. Her last appearance was in the episode Sunburn, which ran Jan. 19. She and McGee scheduled a vacation to the Bahamas and ended up having to solve a case.