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‘NCIS’ Guest Star Patricia Richardson Says It Was ‘Really Cool’ Working Alongside Katrina Law

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Prior to her guest appearance on CBS’ longtime running hit series NCIS, Patricia Richardson opened up about working alongside the show’s cast, including Katrina Law.

During her recent interview with TV Insider, the NCIS guest star admitted she hadn’t watched this season and didn’t know that Law had joined the cast. “Katrina and I – one of the best [Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movies] I ever did was with Katrina. And it was called Snow Bride.”

Richardson also described the NCIS castmate as being so funny and great. “So when I saw her, I was like, ‘Katrina!’ I’ve been following her on Instagram ever since.”

While continuing to chat about her experience on the NCIS set with Law, Richardson said it was so cool to work with Law and she’s gorgeous. “And also I had a director who I’d work with before. Michael Zinberg directed me in the episode that I did of Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula years ago.”

Patricia Richardson Opens Up About Her ‘Out-There Character’ on ‘NCIS’ 

Also during her interview with TV Insider, Patricia Richardson shared more details about her “out-there character” on NCIS. She is playing the role of Special Agent Timothy McGee’s (played by Sean Murray) mother-in-law, Judy Price Fielding. The media outlet revealed that the character will be the one who discovers the victim in the NCIS team’s latest case. 

“This whole job has been a blast,” Richardson declares. “What a great show to work on. I don’t know if an actor could ask for a better working environment.”

While chatting about her character Judy, Richardson admits that the character lies to her daughter all the time because her daughter is actually really overprotective. “So as a result of that, [Delilah] never lets her do anything. She’s always on her a—. So Judy lies to her all the time.”

Richardson then revealed that McGee is then caught between his mother-in-law and wife during the episode because the duo is always fighting. She also said that Judy is a little promiscuous as well. “She has an adventure on the cruise. That of course brings McGee and [the team] to the cruise. She’s just caught red-handed lying to them… she finds the victim’s body, and McGee goes to investigate it.”

That’s when McGee discovers his mother-in-law is the one who finds the body. At first, Judy ties to lie her way out of being apart of the case. But since she knew the victim, she is actually sad about their death. “She’s a pretty out-there character, but — I don’t know how they cut it or what they used because I did many scenes different ways.”