‘NCIS’ Guest Star Patricia Richardson’s Talks If Her Character Might Get With Gary Cole’s Parker

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS fans have been going crazy for the most recent guest-star featured on the series.

In the brand-new episode set to premiere tonight (Monday, November 8) former Home Improvement star, Patricia Richardson will be stopping by the offices for some questioning. However, Richardson has a connection to one of our favorite NCIS officers, she is the mother-in-law of Detective Timothy McGee.

In NCIS season nineteen’s episode titled Docked Richardson is questioned by the team after a murder. The interrogation quickly takes a turn with Richardson’s character discussing some very personal moments with some great detail.

The recently released promo of the episode has the NCIS team members and fans alike cracking up.

In fact, some on the set of the hit CBS series have even suggested that Richardson stick around the NCIS offices, maybe even making a love connection.

According to reports, some have joked about a romance with the newest team member to join the NCIS team, Gary Cole.

“I think everybody really likes this character,” says Patricia Heaton of her guest-starring role.

“People on the set are going, ‘Maybe they can put you with Gary Cole,’” and I’m like, ‘I don’t think so,'” the actress adds.

Richardson Will Likely Not Connect With Cole’s ‘NCIS’ Character Alden Parker

Patricia Richardson went on to say that NCIS fans and characters are still getting to know Gary Cole’s Alden Parker character. But, she is pretty sure that Timothy McGee’s mother-in-law is too quirky for such a straight-laced officer.

“This character is pretty out there,” the actress says of her Docked character.

“We don’t really know Gary that well yet, but this one is pretty out there for Gary,” Richardson explains. “That would be opposites attract.”

Also, the longtime actress notes, the effect this could have on Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee could be a little too much.

In fact, says Richardson, her NCIS character and McGee seem to have a pretty good relationship.

“I kind of don’t see that just because of who he is and who this character is,” says NCIS guest-star of the “McGee’s mother-in-law and Alden Parker” idea.

“It’s such a fun character,” the actress adds. “In the episode that I’m in, he talks about his divorce a little bit.”

In the promo for the Monday night NCIS episode, Patricia Richardson’s character discovers a body on a cruise ship.

And, after a bit of questioning, the NCIS team soon discovers that she and the victim were pretty close. In fact, McGee’s mother-in-law shares in great detail how she and the victim had quite an “intimate” relationship.