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‘NCIS: Hawai’i” Adds Two More Actors to Cast as Series Regulars

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Ollie Millington/WireImage

NCIS: Hawai’i added two new cast members. And what can we glean from their additions?

Variety reported that the rookie series, which started filming in June, added Alex Tarrant and Enver Gjokaj. The site also provided some character descriptions.

On Tarrant, Variety reported he will play a character named Kai. And Kai gives the NCIS: Hawai’i team “a unique superpower. That’s because he can “blend into any part of the islands.” In other words, he’s a local. Variety says Kai is a surfer who serenades the wahine (women) with his ‘uke, cultivating a charm that still oozes from every part of him. As a grown-up, Kai spent his life running away from his home. But he’s back in Hawaii Now to help his sick father. Kai also struggles to “reconcile his past as he navigates the high-stakes crimes on the islands he knows so intimately.”

In reality, Tarrant isn’t a Hawaii native. Rather, he’s from New Zealand and describes himself as “Māori-Niuean-Samoan.”

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Enver Gjokaj, who grew up in California, will star as Navy Capt. Joe Milius. Variety reported that his character is “a high ranking commander of Pacific Fleet.” Milius arrives after the crash of a “top secret experimental aircraft crashes into a cliff” and kills the pilot.” (So there’s a big hint about an episode.) The site said Gjokaj, as Milius, maintains that the crash was an accident. He wants to protect the reputation of the dead pilot. Milius clashes with Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and doesn’t want her controlling the crash investigation. But he does respect her as a leader.

NCIS: Hawai’i is the third spinoff from the original NCIS. It replaces the recently canceled NCIS: New Orleans. This franchise will be somewhat different from the others based in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. For one, Vanessa Lachey will be the franchise’s first female special agent in charge.

Lachey recently posted on Instagram: “I have worked in this industry for 20 years wishing for this moment… an opportunity to do something special and also a chance to inspire and motivate! My character is a badass with a warm heart. She’s the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS and I PROMISE, I won’t let you down! I am feeling the Aloha spirit already and I cannot WAIT for this next chapter of my life! #NCISHawaii”

Show Conducted Traditional Hawaii Blessing When It Started Production

To get into the proper island mood, NCIS: Hawai’i participated in a traditional blessing. As it kicked off production, June 16, the cast and crew gathered at Mokulē’Ia Beach on Oahu. Kahu Ramsay Taum officiated the blessing. There was a welcoming chant. And the blessing ceremony featured a closing prayer called a Pule Ho’oku’u.

A statement from NCIS: Hawai’i described the blessing. It said the show wanted to focus on “the constant motion of the ocean and how the moving ocean waters, driven by the winds and tides, connects the entire planet.”

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