‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Agents Are Running on Pure Adrenaline in New Clip

by Megan Molseed

The latest NCIS spinoff series, NCIS: Hawaii has only just begun. But their focus on the job already has the NCIS: Hawaii officers running, or cruising, on pure adrenaline.

An October 13 post on the hit CBS series’s Twitter account shows us exactly how that is going for the NCIS: Hawaii officers. And, how members of the team communicate after they are confronted with a tense situation.

“Cruising on adrenaline. #NCISHawaii,” says the tweet, which includes a quick one-minute-long clip from the new series.

In the clip shared to the NCIS: Hawaii Twitter account Wednesday evening, we join NCIS: Hawaii officers Lucy Tara (Yasmin Al-Bustami) and Kai Holman (Alex Tarrant) in their offices.

Discussing a Tense Situation

Lucy is looking shaken up, as she watched Kai type away at his computer.

“How do you do that?” NCIS officer Tara asks her coworker from across her desk. “A man just attacked us.”

“Wasn’t calm in the moment,” replies Tara’s coworker.

“I feel like I’m seven cups of coffee in,” Tara adds of the adrenaline she’s feeling.

“Hey, there’s no trick,” Kai responds.

“Just too much practice in life-threatening situations,” he adds while typing at his desk. “After a few tours, you get good at compartmentalizing.”

“And the man you shot?” Tara asks Holman.

“Don’t have a lot of sympathy for drug dealers who try to kill my…” and, with that Holman cuts himself off. Finally finishing his sentence with the words “colleagues.”

Of course, Tara sees what happened there, her ever-serious NCIS: Hawaii coworker almost called her a “friend.”

“You almost said friend,” Tara says with a smile.

Kai gives Lucy a look before slightly agreeing with her assessment.

“I almost took a knife for you,” he says. “Actions speak louder than words.”

The Job Is Always Number One On ‘Hawaii’

This sweet moment quickly gave way to worry, however, as Lucy Tara seems to quickly flashback to the incident at hand.

“Hey,” says Kai once he notices Tara’s concern.

“I don’t like what I had to do,” the NCIS: Hawaii officer says. “And, I don’t want to make a habit of it, but right now I’m just cruising on adrenaline, and tonight I will crash!”

The latest installment of the NCIS franchise premiered last month to rave reviews. Starring Vanessa Lachey as the NCIS: Hawaii team’s head officer Jane Tennant.

Tennant is the first woman officer to head an NCIS: Hawaii team. And, she is the ideal woman for the job.

She is described as a diplomatic leader who doesn’t put up with much. The NCIS leader has pushed herself hard in a system that pushed back at her each step of the way.

She is confident in her ability, and the strategies she uses as the head of her NCIS: Hawaii team.

In addition to her role in the NCIS: Hawaii offices, Jane tenant is a mother raising children on her own, masterfully juggling her career at the NCIS with her roles at home.