‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Casts Lead Actor for the Upcoming Spinoff Series

by Joe Rutland

CBS’s popular “NCIS” series spins off into “NCIS: Hawaii” and has already cast in its lead role someone who is familiar with TV viewers.

The show has named Vanessa Lachey to play its lead role, according to Pop Culture. Lachey will play Jane Tennant, who will be the first female in charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor. Lachey is no stranger to TV shows, having guest-starred on “Hawaii Five-O,” “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and “Truth Be Told.”

Right now, viewers can catch her along with husband Nick Lachey as they host Netflix’s “Love Is Blind.” Lachey also was a host on MTV’s “Total Request Live” from 2003-06, “Wipeout,” and “Top Chef Jr.”

“NCIS: Hawaii” will join CBS’s fall lineup. Yes, there are two other “NCIS” spinoffs in “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “NCIS: New Orleans.” “NCIS: New Orleans,” though, will have its seven-season run come to an end in May 2021. Scott Bakula has played the lead role in that show.

‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Will Follow Similar Storyline Paths As Other ‘NCIS’ Shows

Lachey will be joined in the cast by Yasmine Al-Bustami and Jason Antoon. Al-Bustami will portray Lucy, who is the junior member of Tennant’s team. Antoon will play Ernie, who is NCIS’s Cyber Intelligence Expert.

“NCIS: Hawaii” joins the original “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” as part of the CBS primetime lineup. The show will follow similar paths as the other two “NCIS” shows, mixing high-stakes crime investigations with family situations.

“NCIS” stars Mark Harmon in the lead role as this show is based in Washington, D.C. “NCIS: Los Angeles” has Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J among its lead stars.

In case you are wondering, “NCIS” stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Show Star Mark Harmon Has Special Guest Star As Part Of ‘NCIS’

Speaking of “NCIS,” lead actor Harmon has been joined by someone quite close to him as a guest star. Actress Pam Dawber was taking part in a four-episode arc in which she plays investigative journalist Marcie Warren.

What’s the connection between Harmon and Dawber? Simple. It’s husband and wife. But one would think both of them would have been in the show before now.

Yet Harmon and Dawber keep a pretty low profile as a married couple. Now the couple has two children with sons Sean and Ty Harmon.

Oh, if classic TV fans recognize Dawber’s name and try to connect the dots, then let’s help you. Yes, Dawber played Mindy McConnell in the “Happy Days” spinoff “Mork & Mindy” which also starred late comedian Robin Williams.