‘NCIS: Hawai’i’: Full Recap of Episode 7

by Maria Hartfield

Here’s a recap of everything you need to know about last night’s all-new episode of NCIS: Hawai’i. The hit CBS drama aired its seventh episode from the premier season titled ‘Rescuers’.

The official CBS synopsis reads, “When a Navy petty officer is murdered, Jane and the team investigate while protecting the victim’s friend and colleague.”

The episode begins with the murder of Navy Petty Officer Dave Andrews. His body was found at the beach. However, evidence suggests he was killed elsewhere after being hit from behind. Special Agent in Charge Tennant, played by Vanessa Lachey, took on the case.

NCIS: Hawai’i Team Find a Break in the Case

According to an article from Celebrity Dirty Laundy, Tennant and her team discover Andrews was a former Rescue Swimmer with the Navy. His girlfriend, Tracy Moore, also a Rescue Swimmer, was the first black Rescue Swimmer in the history of the Coast Guards on the island.

Shaken up from the recent turn of events, Moore took off work to go camping. Upon returning, she was confronted by the NCIS team as she was about to enter her house. What’s weird is she heard music coming from inside, even though she didn’t leave anything on before she left.

Kai and Tara enter the premises with guns at the ready only to find a shocking surprise. The house wa filled with pink teddy bears.

It was clear from the creepy love song playing on the radio, bloodstains and an astonishing display of pink teddy bears that Andrews was killed there. The question was, why?

Moore Reveals a Previous Relationship

The team decided to do a background check on Moore. It was clear she was holding something back. They discovered she had no digital presence from the time she was eighteen to twenty-five. Before joining the Coast Guards at 18. there was just one photo of her posted on social media.

Kai met Moore at the swimming center where she trains every day. Moore opened up about her past. Moore reveals that she was forced into a relationship with a man named Eddie Foreman who coerced her into being a lookout during a robbery.

The robbery got out of hand when Foreman set fire to a building ending in the tragic death of a couple in the apartment above. Foreman has since then been released from prison on early parole.

Moore was convinced Foreman was responsible for planting the pink teddy bears in addition to the murder of her late boyfriend, Dave Andrews.

The NCIS: Hawai’i Team Goes In Search of Direct Evidence Against Foreman

The team discovers Foreman hired a guy he served time with to kill Moore. However, he was caught and killed before he could complete the job.

Moore was assigned protective detail as the team continued to search for direct evidence linking Foreman to the crime. Tara followed closely and was present when Foreman showed up in an attempt to kill Moore. Tara and a member of the Coast Guard stopped Foreman who was later arrested and charged with the murder of Navy Petty Office Dave Andrews.

Moore was now safe to begin living her life again.

Meanwhile, Tara rekindled her old romance with Whistler and Kai invited Jesse to his Dad’s restaurant to congratulate him on his latest test results.