‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Ordered for 2021, Everything to Know About the Upcoming Series

by Jon D. B.

The “NCIS” franchise is finally getting a female lead in the form of “NCIS: Hawaii,” which was just ordered to series alongside the renewal of “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles”.

Ready for more “NCIS”? It’s coming! While “NCIS: New Orleans” is set to end after a 7-season run, the franchise is bringing in new blood for a new Hawaii-based crime series.

“NCIS: Hawaii” will be the third spinoff of the acclaimed original, which is still going strong. While the show’s formula is expected to stay within the “NCIS” wheelhouse, “Hawaii” comes with one big, welcomed change:

TVLine reports Friday that “NCIS: Hawaii” will have a female lead. A first for the long-running franchise, this should go a long way in helping “Hawaii” feel fresh for audiences.

For decades, “NCIS” has only invested in male actors for their series’ leads. Most famously, of course, Mark Harmon leads the titular show, with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J spearheading “Los Angeles.”

Then came Scott Bakula for the now cancelled “NCIS: New Orleans”. The only “NCIS” show to come close to having a female lead was the short-lived “NCIS: Red” spinoff, with Kim Raver as a co-lead.

What We Know About “NCIS: Hawaii”

As for “Hawaii,” TVLine further reports the show will center around a character called Jane Tennant. Jane will be, as mentioned, the first female Special Agent to lead an “NCIS” franchise.

Furthermore, Tennant’s precinct will hold the title of NCIS Pearl. The role of Jane Tennant has yet to be cast, however. TVLine also states that the character’s name is tentative. “Jane” feels a tad generic (Jane Doe, anyone) for an “NCIS” series, so we’re banking on that one being a placeholder.

According to CBS‘s synopsis, “Tennant and her team will balance duty to family and country, while investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security and the mysteries of the island itself.”

While “NCIS: New Orleans” is set to end in 2021, several of the show’s creative leads will join forces for “NCIS: Hawaii”. Among those switching spinoffs are writers Jan Nash & Chris Silber. Both penned the “Hawaii” pilot alongside “SEAL Team”s Matt Bosack, and all three will serve as series Executive Producers.

In addition, we know that Larry Teng, also of “SEAL Team” fame, will direct the pilot episode. He may direct the entire first season, as well. Teng is also onboard as an EP.

Excited for more “NCIS”? Hawaii seems a perfect fit for the franchise, one that should prove separate enough from the widely different LA, DC, and NOLA locations. Hopefully a casting announcement for “Hawaii”s lead is incoming.