‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Star Vanessa Lachey Trains for Show on ‘Western Hawaiian Horse’ in Awesome New Snap

by Jon D. B.

NCIS: Hawaii star Vanessa Lachey is looking quite the equine enthusiast in her latest post with a stunning shot astride her steed as she’s “training for the next episode!”

“‘Let’s Ride!’ The English rider meets the Western Hawaiian horse,” Lachey begins her Instagram caption. Within, NCIS: Hawaii fans see the star “Training for the next episode!”

With a “YeeHaw!” the English-trained rider embraces her “Western Hawaiian horse”, a mash-up sure to make any equine enthusiast either grin or snarl. Or both?

Regardless, Lachey is clearly living her best life with an absolutely gorgeous shot to prove it!

The shot, which comes courtesy of the NCIS: Hawaii star’s official Instagram, looks like a screengrab taken straight from a film. Lachey is no stranger to thoroughbreds, either. She’s a trained rider in the English style, and as you can see in the cover photo above – she and husband Nick Lachey have been to the Kentucky Derby several times over. How do I know all this? The magic of the internet, of course!

‘NCIS: Hawaii’ Star’s Husband says ‘You Can’t Be Quitters’ in Response to their Marriage’s Longevity

Right before Vanessa Lachey began work on her NCIS spinoff, her husband Nick Lachey – who fans will know as the most famous member of boyband 90 Degrees – was excited for their 10th wedding anniversary.

“My wife just got a job in Hawaii, so we’re going to celebrate there,” Nick told ET Canada at Los Angeles’ Le Parc Suite Hotel.

As for the secret for those 10 years of marriage, Nick says ““You can’t be quitters.”

“It’s just like a [musical] group – you’re going to have tough days, but you’ve got to be committed, invested and communicate, so that’s what we do,” he adds, comparing their relationship to that of his bandmates in 90 Degrees. Not sure how much Vanessa would appreciate that, but that’s her perogative!

Sarcasm aside, the NCIS: Hawaii star and her husband are madly in love. But Nick clarifies that they “certainly don’t know the ins and outs of a happy [marriage] – we just do what works for us… Everybody’s different and for us we’ve learned how to communicate well and have a lot of pride in what we’ve built as a couple and as a family. We protect and cherish that.”

Well said. As for Vanessa, well, her Instagram again speaks for itself!

“This man. THIS. MAN. (He knows the rest of the gushy stuff cause I told him in person). We have no idea what we are doing (most days)… But damn it, we are building a life TOGETHER,” she posted in June with the photo above.

“Know what you want, go get it and work hard to keep it! Nothing worth having is every easy, but I promise, it’s ALWAYS worth it!” the NCIS: Hawaii star concludes.

“Love you kid,” husband Nick Lachey responds in the comments.

Outsider tip: Husbands, we don’t recommend trying “kid” on your wife at home. Even if “love you” is in front of it.