‘NCIS’: Here’s How Dr. Jimmy Palmer Actor Brian Dietzen Stays in Shape for the Show

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” fans frequently identify Jimmy Palmer actor Brian Dietzen by his short curly brown hair, glasses, and scrubs. However, the actor recently shared his intense workout routine with media outlets and, come to find out, Dr. Jimmy Palmer sports a pretty killer physique.

Like many fitness dedicants, Dietzen sticks to a relatively similar workout routine each day. Overall, he focuses on certain areas of the body throughout his routine. Additionally, lots of celebrities hire personal trainers to help them stay in shape. However, true to Jimmy Palmer style, Brian Dietzen has put together a workout routine of his own. He shared with Watch! magazine that he takes a lot of inspiration from P90X workouts and “kind of ‘Frankensteins’ a workout routine together.”

Additionally, the beloved actor shared he frequently works out with his kids. To our great surprise and admiration, his son regularly joins him for chin-ups, doing one for every birth year.

Brian Dietzen’s routine takes him through exercises that work the legs and core, the upper arms, and the side muscles. He emphasizes that while there are many popular exercises, most people don’t know the importance of working the side muscles. He suggests doing oblique crunches which feature the individual propped more toward one butt cheek/hip. You then basically perform a crunch sideways. Dietzen also shared that he frequently depends on his Microsoft Band 2 activity tracker. He revealed that it helps him keep track of heart rate, calories, and the time spent per exercise.

Brian Dietzen is Excited to Return to ‘NCIS’ for its 19th Season

It’s always interesting to learn what actors do during their off time from their starring roles. Apparently, Brian Dietzen dedicates a lot of time off the set of “NCIS” working on his physical well-being. But who are we to complain? After all, I’m down for a buffed-out Jimmy Palmer.

However, while the actor has managed to keep himself occupied in between seasons of “NCIS,” he shared back in July that he is incredibly grateful and excited to return to the set of “NCIS” as Dr. Jimmy Palmer. The July Instagram post featured an excited-looking Jimmy Palmer with a large text overlay which displayed the premiere date for “NCIS” season 19.

“So grateful to get to play this Jimmy Palmer fella for a 19th season!” the actor shared on his personal page. Brian Dietzen added, “Premiering September 20th at 9pm. Yes, that’s a Monday, and yes, that’s a new time slot for us too, so plan accordingly.” Thanks for the heads-up Jimmy, I mean Brian, we’ll be sure to do so.

And despite that season 19 will feature a host of changes, we are incredibly relieved that we can look forward to the return of “NCIS” cast originals, Brian Dietzen and Sean Murray (who plays Agent Timothy McGee). Additionally, showrunners have confirmed that longtime “NCIS” regular Joe Spano (who plays former FBI Agent Tobias Fornell) will make his return to the set of the beloved show.

So while “NCIS” fans prepare themselves for a tumultuous adjustment, they are also “so grateful” for another run at America’s favorite TV show.