‘NCIS’: Here’s How Fans Really Felt About Emily Wickersham Saying Goodbye to the Show

by Madison Miller

“NCIS” just started back up and joined the exciting mix of TV series returning for the fall TV schedule.

The mothership show airs on Mondays and is closely followed by the brand new, well-performing rookie show, “NCIS: Hawai’i.”

So far, fans have gotten to see the first and second episodes of season 19 of the long-running crime drama.

When it comes to actors leaving the show, it’s something fans of “NCIS” have to be used to at this point. Over the course of about 19 years, it does make sense that some characters have to say their goodbyes.

This includes favorites like Cote de Pablo, Pauley Perrette, Michael Weatherly, Sasha Alexander, and, most recently, Emily Wickersham. Fans have been seemingly excited for the new season of “NCIS,” which is evident given the high ratings and viewership so far.

Although, for some, it can be a bit bittersweet.

Emily Wickersham played NCIS Special Agent Eleanor Bishop on the series. She played her character from season 11 to season 18. Her character left to go on an undercover mission. At least she’s still fictionally alive. She seemed to leave behind a lot of loose ends, however.

The biggest is the budding romance with Special Agent Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama, that fans got just a sliver of before her departure.

Now that season 19 is in full swing, what do fans think about her exit and no longer seeing her work with the rest of the “NCIS” gang?

Reaction to Emily Wickersham’s Departure from ‘NCIS’

A Reddit thread titled “Goodbye Emily Wickersham” outlines some of the actor’s final moments on the show and fan’s overall reactions to the situation. The fan wrote that they were “even more disappointed” regarding Wickersham’s last episode after seeing her goodbye announcement on Instagram. For reference, she announced she was leaving the show on her public Instagram account.

The post was incredibly sentimental and seemed to prove that she was leaving “NCIS” on all-around good terms. This viewer, however, believed that “it could be argued that Emily’s exit was planned, but it FEELS like it wasn’t. Like, if it was planned, the execution of her departure was very poor.”

All in all, others seem to agree that it all seemed a little rushed. Another viewer commented about her departure sadly too, especially since “Bishop was my favorite character,” they stated.

Some fans also continue to speculate if her departure was her own choice or not. One fan is really hoping it was her choice. They wrote, “Personally, I thought she fit in really well and had great character development and she’s just amazing overall.”

Her absence is very much noticeable to fans of the show that have been around for a while. One fan wrote, “in any case, her leaving made me very sad.” Others continue to say that Ellie Bishop fit in really well with the entire dynamic of the cast.

In any case, fans are going to continue to reminisce about Bishop and Wickersham’s exit. The last stage of grief is acceptance, after all. However, some fans don’t seem to be there yet. There are viewers on social media that are hoping she may be another character like Ziva. This meaning she may leave the show, but return later on.

As of now, this doesn’t seem as likely. It’s hard to tell with “NCIS,” however.