‘NCIS’: Here’s What Happened to Jimmy Palmer’s Wife

by Shelby Scott

Season 18 of the hit show “NCIS” saw several character departures. Medical examiner Jimmy Palmer’s (Brian Dietzen) wife Breena (Michelle Pierce) was one of them. Pierce was accompanied by fan-favorite actress Emily Wickersham (Agent “Ellie” Bishop). The latter of the two recently revealed an exciting pregnancy announcement on her social media channels. While Wickersham left of her own choosing, an article by Express revealed the reason behind Pierce’s end on the show.

According to Express, season 17 of the show saw the couple’s relationship decline as Palmer’s job frequently got in the way of time spent with his wife. Palmer consistently canceled plans with Breena, which would make any woman, the medical examiner’s wife, upset.

However, the couple’s personal problems did not lead to Breena’s exit from “NCIS.” The Express article revealed that following the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the show’s production team wanted to feature the virus throughout the filming during that season. They also wanted to depict the reality of the virus’s impact on the United States and the globe. That’s when the show revealed that Breena had died from COVID-19.

The article further detailed how season 18 flashed forward and back between the past and the present. In this way, it revealed glimpses into the reasoning behind Breena’s death. Additionally, Expressed also shared that “the cause of her death was said in a more subtle manner.” Palmer later hands out cleaning supplies and seems upset when using the term “COVID-19.”

In response to the actress’s leave from the show, Dietzen stated, “The producers let me know that [they] want[ed] the advent of COVID-19 to hit our team.” However, they didn’t want to lose another member from the team.

While the character’s absence from the show is definitely upsetting, fans probably didn’t realize how much it affected Dietzen in real life. “I was notified ahead of [the decision] and prepared for it, I suppose, emotionally,” he said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Will Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo Make a Return to ‘NCIS’?

Season 18 of “NCIS” saw several hard losses. However, the show’s fans sit on the edge of their seats, waiting to find out about the possible return of a fan favorite. On July 28, Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo actor, Michael Weatherly, shared a possible throwback snap from his time spent on “NCIS.” The actor captioned the post, “#ncis Camera is King.”

Whatever that means. Weatherly left the set of “NCIS” seemingly for good following the finale of the show’s 13th season. The final plotline revealed that Dinozzo’s partner and former love interest, Ziva David, was actually alive. He also finds out that they have a child together. After Weatherly’s long-time cast as Agent Gibbs’ no. 2, fans were heartbroken.

And while confirmation of the fact has not yet come, Dinozzo hopefuls await further clues. For now, fans of the show, myself included, impatiently wait. We are longing to see the laugh-inducing, sarcasm-addicted, very Special Agent Tony Dinozzo makes a very long-awaited return to “NCIS.”