‘NCIS’: Here’s What the Return of Meredith Eaton Could Mean

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Meredith Eaton is back on “NCIS” in some capacity, whether it’ll be playing Carol Wilson or as some other character. It doesn’t matter, because it’ll just be nice having Eaton back on the show. Both Brian Dietzen and Wilmer Valderrama shared photos with Meredith Eaton on set.

Dietzen wrote, “Sometimes you get to write something for tv. And sometimes that means you get to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in far too long.” In Valderrama’s video, Eaton was wearing an “NCIS” visitor badge, so my money is on her returning as Carol Wilson, CDC immunologist.

Carol Wilson appeared in the season 7 episode “Faith”, season 9’s “Devil’s Triangle,” season 11’s “Homesick,” and the “NCIS: LA” season 1 episode “Carrier.” She was also a good friend of Abby’s, so maybe this means we’ll hear word of her. It feels like no one’s mentioned Abby since she left, and it would be nice to have some mention of her and what she’s doing.

With Dietzen’s comment about the episode he wrote, that might mean Eaton will be back for episode 13, maybe more. The last “NCIS” episode she was in was a Christmas episode; maybe this is the show’s way of making up for not having a Christmas episode this year?

‘NCIS’: Do Lab Techs Really Get Badges?

While Carol Wilson wasn’t technically an “NCIS” lab tech or forensic scientist, her best friend Abby Sciuto was. Fans on Reddit had a thought recently about whether or not the lab techs get badges like the agents do.

On fan on Reddit started the thread by asking, “when it comes to badges and official credentials I’m a bit confused. Do lab techs like KC or Abby get a badge or any official credentials? And if so are they official enough to warrant an official legitimate access to crime scenes like for example when an Agent has to show his badge to enter one?”

Another fan just the answer, writing, “Credentials – yes, Badge – maybe.” They continued, “So, ‘Operational Representative’ credentials are issued to civilian personnel who are not Special Agents but who need to be out in the field interacting with other law enforcement officers. Their creds pretty much just say that they are ‘authorized to conduct official business for NCIS.'”

Some fans seemed to remember Abby sometimes having a badge on her. They remembered her showing an ID card to get into a crime scene to meet Gibbs. Another fan commented that “NCIS staff have id cards, if not badges.” So, mystery kind of solved. It seems like sometimes they have badges, sometimes they don’t depending on the situation. Sometimes the civilian badges are silver, one fan wrote, while the special agent badges are gold. Whatever the answer is, it seemed like neither Abby nor Palmer ever had a badge to flash at crime scenes.