‘NCIS’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Abigail Borin Before

by Victoria Santiago

Even though Abigail Borin was so popular on NCIS that she appeared on spinoffs, fans might recognize her from other shows as well. She first appeared on Season 7 of NCIS and appeared on the show for several seasons. She was so popular that she also appeared on NCIS: New Orleans.

While Diane Neal is known by many for her role as Abigail Borin, she’s arguably had more popular roles in the past. Some could even consider the show to be the most popular police procedural that currently airs. We’re talking about Law & Order, of course.

Before She Was Abigail Borin, She Was Casey Novak

Diana Neal actually appeared on Law & Order: SVU in two different roles. When she was just starting out acting, she had a minor appearance on the show as a stockbroker. She’s a suspect in the case and ends up getting convicted. While that’s normally the end of the line for criminals on Law & Order, the show liked her so much that they brought her back. This time, however, she was one of the good guys.

It was two years before she would return to the series, but when she did, she landed the role of Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak. Originally, her character didn’t get along with the rest of the SVU team. She was good at her job as ADA, though, and she eventually warmed up to the team. Neal appeared on over 100 episodes of Law & Order: SVU. The last episode we see her in is Season 13’s “Valentine’s Day.” After that episode, Casey Novak retired and hasn’t been seen again.

Even after having long-term roles as Abigail Borin and Casey Novak, she was still interested in procedurals. However, her next procedural appearance was much shorter. In 2015, the same year she finished her role as Abigail Borin, Diane Neal appeared in an episode of Blue Bloods.

She appeared in the episode, called “Hold Outs,” as Kelly Blake. She’s a District Attorney that goes to see other cast members early in the episode. She ruins the vacation plans for one Blue Bloods character as she asks for them to handle a murder case being retried.

All Has Been Quiet Since 2015… For the Most Part

That’s 2015 Blue Bloods appearance is the last we hear of Diane Neal for a while. In fact, she doesn’t appear in any films or shows until 2021. Last year, she had a role in the TV movie Circle of Deception.

We might not have heard from her on the TV front, but the Abigail Borin actress kept busy. She tried her hand at a few different things. For one, she ran for Congress. According to Looper, she ran to represent NY’s 19th district. Ultimately, she didn’t get elected. That isn’t the only endeavor she’s undertaken, though. Last month, Neal announced that she would be launching her own podcast. It’s set to air next week, on February 22.