‘NCIS’: Here’s Which Characters Fans Think Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Depends on the Most

by Megan Molseed

“Who does Gibbs depend on the most?” asked one poster on a recent Reddit post. According to the original poster, PrivateHawk124, Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) is the most dependable of the bunch. 

“I think it’s Dinozzo!” PrivateHawk124 said on the board. “He said it himself that he was the best young agent he’s ever worked with and depends on him!”

The Redditor went on to note that while he thinks Gibbs (Mark Harmon) does have a lot of strong members on his NCIS team. DiNozzo is the one he has trusted the most. 

“No matter the connection he has with Franks or Jenny or Ziva, I think subtly Gibbs always depended on and trusted Dinozzo the most,” the post continued. The poster added that this is just his assumption since Gibbs is always a difficult read.  

“Obviously hard to tell because man barely shows any emotions,” PrivateHawk124 said. “What do you all think?!”

Tony DiNozzo May Be Gibbs’s Most Dependable Teammate

The responses largely agreed with PrivateHawk124’s assessment. Many of the Redditors agreeing that Tony DiNozzo was Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s most dependable teammate. One Redditor referenced an example in the series to suggest Tony is the teammate Gibbs would rely on the most. 

“Tony,” the Redditor agreed. The poster supported their theory referencing the season eleven episode entitle “Once a Crook.” In the episode, Tony discovers a clue in purple chewing gum.  The Redditor noted that in the episode Gibbs tells DiNozzo he would trust him any time.

“Tony isn’t sleeping and it’s been weeks since Ziva left and says to Gibbs in the bathroom that he can’t trust his own instincts anymore,” they explained. “Gibbs then says I’d trust you anytime.”

Another poster referenced the close relationship between Gibbs and another character, Donald Mallard (Ducky). The poster said that while the NCIS team leader is close to Ducky (David McCallum), DiNozzo is the one he has depended on the most. 

DiNozzo May Be the Favorite, All of the NCIS Team Remains a Favorite

Another Redditor mentioned that while they are a fan of Ducky, and the character will always be favorite, they did not think he is the one Gibbs relies upon the most. “For me, I think that Gibbs relies on Dinozzo the most in case something goes wrong and they need to react with guns,” the Redditor explained

“He trusts Tony so much,” another poster agreed.  “Tony has saved his life, and done some of the best team-leading work while Gibbs was away.”

Tony DiNozzo seemed to be the one fans believe Gibbs would depend on the most. However, some Redditors thought other NCIS team members would be Gibbs’s go-to.

“It’s hard to say because Leroy Jethro Gibbs cares about everyone so much in his own way, yet he depends on each of them in a different sense too,” noted another Redditor “He knows they’re all different people with varying areas of weaknesses, skills and different backgrounds so I don’t think, in Gibbs own mind, he would hold them all to the same yardstick of ‘who’s better or not.” 

The Redditor also added that if they were to pick one, it wouldn’t be DiNozzo, it would instead be NCIS field agent Timothy McGee. “Although if I reeeeaally had to pick someone, I’d have to say McGee.”