‘NCIS’: Here’s Which Heartbreaking Moments Fans Say Made Them Cry the Most

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” has been airing on CBS for almost two decades so it makes sense the show itself has a host of heartbreaking moments that cause fans to tear up. Recently, an “NCIS”-inspired Reddit thread shared a broad collection of emotional moments from America’s favorite TV show. And, honestly, I’m getting teary-eyed just reading the responses.

OP shared, “Maybe I’m just overly emotional but I have shed many tears while watching NCIS.” They described that every character death, character departure, or baby born was worthy of tears. The post concluded with, “What are NCIS moments most worthy of your tears?”

Where do we start? Thankfully, Reddit helped a bunch, loading us up with emotional baggage to process later today. Regardless, followers of the post shared a lot of their emotional experiences. Many referenced incredibly early episodes featuring Agent Kate Todd.

“For some reason,” @firstclasscaptain began, “one moment that really made me cry was I think at the end of Switch (3×05), [Z]iva came to Gibbs and said she found this sketchbook and when Gibbs flipped through it, it was all of [Kate’s] drawings of the team.” The commenter said they thought the scene was small, and not incredibly significant, however, it is definitely a tear-jerker as the sketches resemble Kate’s love and admiration for her team. In addition, it highlights Gibbs’ emotional trauma following the former agent’s death.

Emotional Triggers Persist in Newer Seasons

Other “NCIS” fans shared examples from more recent seasons. One touched on the moment Jimmy Palmer put himself in jeopardy to discourage a young man from jumping. @philthehuskerfan stated, “Watching Jimmy talking about his co-workers in the jumper episode,” was incredibly emotional, “especially the Gibbs references.”

Viewers to that scene know that, overall, Jimmy’s wholesome and overtly kind nature makes the episode meaningful and genuine.

Overall, “NCIS” has a way of pulling audiences in and connecting with certain emotions, memories, and values. One Redditor concluded, “All very good. NCIS has always been good at humanizing the characters, [and] making the audiences identify with them.”

‘NCIS’ Frequently Spotlights Various Character Roles and Struggles

Throughout the history of “NCIS,” fans have seen countless examples of relatable and emotionally charged scenarios. However, one show regular rarely spotlights as a forerunner. However, one season 14 episode did just that, and, for once, Medical Examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer premiered center stage.

An earlier Reddit thread once called Jimmy Palmer a “gem to the show.” After watching that scene, we’re sure you’ll agree. “NCIS” has seen multiple jump-suicide scenes throughout its running. Most of the time, however, there is some kind of relief. Either the team either snatches the jumper and pulls them to safety or talks the individual out of suicide.

However, many of these examples feature Gibbs or other active team members. But the season 14 episode saw gentle Jimmy Palmer up on the ledge, putting himself in a dangerous situation. Further, we learn a lot about Jimmy’s values as a medical professional, “NCIS” team member, and individual overall.

Palmer contributes to the emotional factor within this episode as he details his personal struggles within the medical field. However, his emphasis on the happiness from working with the “NCIS” team is what truly makes the scene memorable.