‘NCIS’: Here’s Which Minor Character’s Death Hit Fans the Hardest

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

NCIS has had its fair share of gut-wrenching character deaths during its near two decades on air, but some hit harder than others. The show, which is entering its 19th season this fall, follows a fictional team of NCIS special agents, so of course, there’s going to be some danger involved.

However, certain character deaths still manage to catch the audience off guard. Of course, since this is about death on NCIS, there are major spoiler warnings ahead.

In a recent Reddit Thread, fans discussed which character death hit them the hardest. The thread featured a poll that asked fans to rate the hardest character death. They had the option to choose between Ned Dorneget, Qasim Nassir, and Diane Sterling.

Each ‘NCIS’ Fan Had a Slightly Different Opinion, But Most Agreed One Character’s Death Was Brutal

Voters decided on Ned. Ned was killed in a season 12 episode called The Lost boys. The kind character sacrifices himself to make sure civilians get to safety before explosives go off. One Reddit user noted that while Qasim’s death was emotional, Ned’s death was particularly difficult because there’s a glimmer of hope that he’s alive before that’s ripped away.

“For me Qasim’s death was more emotional when they flashed back to his relationship with Bishop and the proposal more so than when he actually died. Diane and Dorny are definitely close and Diane’s is heartbreaking especially with all of the ups and downs with Tobias, ” they wrote. But Ned’s death ultimately hit in a difficult way.

“But with Ned, they give you a glimmer of hope that he is alive, and then they crush it. Ned just seemed like the most innocent character who could do no wrong,” the fan finished.

Other fans pointed to characters who weren’t listed on the poll at all. Many pointed out that Kate deserved a place on that poll.

“Definitely missing a few. Kate should be #1 IMO. I miss Reeves too. And yes, Cassidy is up there too. But Kate. Oh how i miss Kate,” the Reddit user wrote.

Another fan pointed out yet another character’s death that was hard to watch.

“For part time characters Paula Cassidy is up there for saddest death,” the fan pointed out.

No matter what your opinion on character deaths in the series, it’s your best bet to brace yourself for more as season 19 approaches. The show is currently in production, with fall season premiere date just around the corner.

Season 19 to Premiere this September

You can catch the season premiere of NCIS on Monday, September 20th on CBS. Right after NCIS airs, NCIS: Hawai’i will enter the franchise with its first-ever episode. That’ll make three total shows in the NCIS franchise airing this year, with NCIS: Los Angeles having its season 13 premiere in October.