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‘NCIS’: Here’s Who ‘1883’ Star Amanda Jaros Played on the Series

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic)

1883” has taken the “Yellowstone” fanbase by storm, with its next brand new episode debuting Sunday, February 6th. Outsiders have rapidly fallen in love with our main characters. Meanwhile others, such as Alina–a member of the immigrant caravan played by Amanda Jaros– remain in the background. That said, however, the actress has popped up in film and television series on multiple occasions. She once even made a guest-starring appearance during one episode of “NCIS” back in 2016.

The New York Post references the “1883” actress and “NCIS” alum as “a single Angeleno who has been described as ’20-something’ but has steadfastly not revealed her date of birth or age.”

The outlet goes on to say, “[she] has become skilled at a range of roles–an upper-class Brit on ‘NCIS,’ a 1960s hippie-chick on ‘Fall Into Me,'” among other roles.

As to her earlier role on “NCIS,” Amanda Jaros starred alongside a younger version of fan-favorite character, Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard.

You can watch the humorous clip below. But in essence, it captures young Ducky and his strikingly beautiful companion as they sneak out of the cold and into a terribly awkward situation.

“Why don’t we start with a hot toddy, Dr. Mallard?” the “NCIS” guest star says. From there, the scene takes a turn for the humorous, featuring the medical examiner’s ever-eccentric mother. But I’ll let you check that out for yourself.

‘NCIS’ Fans Take Issue with Special Agent Torres

Dr. Mallard, played by actor David McCallum, made his “NCIS” appearance during the 19-season series‘ very first episode. The character’s development and admirable attributes have made him one of the most beloved team members within the show, which makes his occasional appearances all the more looked forward to.

However, now, as most of the series’ original cast members have departed the set of “NCIS,” fans remain divided over one controversial character.

Special Agent Torres took over for the iconic very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo when he left “NCIS” to care for he and Ziva’s daughter, Tali. Since his arrival to the show during the 14th season, the character has demonstrated drastically different traits from Tony and now, in recent seasons, some of those traits have made him more and more dislikable.

Always first with the most brutal commentary, Reddit users shared their primary thoughts regarding the “NCIS” special agent.

“I rarely complain about anything from this show,” began one user, “but I can honestly say, that I cannot stand his character.”

They continued with, “When I say that, I mean right from the start I didn’t like him. When he first joined the team, his character refused to conform to the team style of doing things.”

On the other hand, fans took to the Torres character as he came from a completely different background than Special Agent DiNozzo. Some “NCIS” fans may argue the drastic change in personality traits added variety to the team and the series itself.