‘NCIS’: Here’s Who Fans Want to Return Following Emily Wickersham’s Departure

by Matthew Wilson

Sometimes when one door closes, it opens back up again. “NCIS” fans have grown accustomed to actors coming and going on the show. But that hasn’t stopped them from wishing for one fan favorite to return. After all, goodbyes are just an excuse to say hello again.

And fans want Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David to say hello to “NCIS” again. With Emily Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop departing the series, fans believe it’s the perfect time to reintroduce Ziva into the mix. First debuting in Season Three, Ziva quickly became a fan favorite thanks to a powerhouse performance by de Pablo. And some believe the show just hasn’t been the same since she left.

Season 18 ended up being a costly season for “NCIS” as a show. First, Maria Bello’s Jacqueline Stone left. Then Bishop became disavowed as part of a plan to go undercover. Finally, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs seems to be taking a back seat next season after the character survived a boat explosion.

One online user believes Bishop going undercover would be the perfect opportunity to reintroduce Ziva David into the fold. Perhaps, Ziva could work with Bishop on her undercover assignment. Though Wickersham confirmed she was leaving, it’s not the first time an actor has lied to avoid spoiling a project. So who knows if Bishop might appear in Season 19?

They wrote: “Low key I am relieved that she is going deep under cover for whatever agency/government. Maybe we will see a Ziva appearance now with her storyline??”

Ziva David On ‘NCIS’

Of course, some fans don’t seem to care if Ellie Bishop returns at all. But they would wish for Ziva to return to “NCIS” again. They felt the show failed to capture the same chemistry with Bishop and Nick Torres that it had with Ziva and Tony DiNozzo. Ziva and Tony became the obsession of shippers back in the early seasons of the show.

One user wrote, “The show will go down the rabbit hole anyway if he leaves. Don’t really care about Ellie leaving, she’s boring. Only redemption would be to bring back Ziva to run the show.”

And another commented, “Assuming @NCIS_CBS is going to be needing a new female role, can we bring #Ziva back for likely the last few seasons?”

Of course, Ziva has appeared on “NCIS” since her initial departure. So anything could be possible. The character made a surprising return in Season 16. She also guest-starred in the beginning of Season 17 as well. Those episodes felt more like de Pablo returning to give her character a better ending. The last “NCIS” fans see of Ziva, she’s going to Paris to live with DiNozzo and their daughter.

The two got their happy ending even if fans want them to return.