‘NCIS’: Here’s Why Fans Are Wondering if Bishop May Be Leaving the Show

by Matthew Wilson

“NCIS” fans have grown used to saying goodbye to fan favorites over the years. But they may be bidding farewell to another cast member this season. Fans are convinced that Agent Ellie Bishop is next on the chopping block.

While some are patiently shipping Bishop and fellow agent Nick Torres, others are convinced that the Season 18 finale spells doom for the couple. So why do fans think that Bishop is leaving? Well, the show is introducing a new cast member Jessica Knight. Played by Katrina Law, Knight is rumored to join the main cast full-time next season.

Fans believe “NCIS” will introduce Knight as Bishop’s replacement. So far, it’s unknown if Bishop actor Emily Wickersham signed a contract for a new season. Likewise, the show loves to pull at viewers’ heartstrings. And it’s been teasing a relationship between Bishop and Torres. Could tragedy strike and the show kill off Bishop? Or maybe the relationship sours and Bishop leaves the team?

It’s unknown for sure if Bishop is leaving “NCIS.” But several fans seem to think so.

Wilmer Valderrama Comments on ‘NCIS’ Relationship

Meanwhile, Nick Torres’ actor Wilmer Valderrama has been teasing big things for the end of the season. The actor promises plenty of drama to extend into the now confirmed Season 19. But Valderrama also got candid in discussing the characters’ relationship.

Their slow-burn romance on the show has captured the attention of millions. And fans have patiently tuned in to see if Bishop and Torres end up becoming a couple.

“They can trust each other. They know they’re not emotionally available to one another or to the world. I mean, they’ve been through too much for them to break their own rules and figure out how you make that work,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I think that’s why it’s so slow. They just don’t really know how to be in a relationship.”

Valderrama promises a definite answer either way on the couple’s will-they-won’t-they love story.

“They’re playing Tetris with their minds and they don’t really know where they fit with one another. But I will tell you, this is the season you’ll find out,” Valderrama added. “There’s something exciting that you can explore the psychology of both of them or where they come from. Whatever the fans have been wondering about — what it really is, what it isn’t, they’re going to get their answers this season… It’s vague but it’s incredibly loaded. That’s all I can tell you.”