‘NCIS’ Honors Late Staff Member for Incredible 19 Years of Work

by Chase Thomas

We have long heard that NCIS is like a family on the set. For the show to go span multiple decades, there have to be some kernels of truth to that. Fans have adored the CBS drama partly for this very reason. You enjoy spending time with these same folks every week.

Most recently, the show paid tribute to one of its family members who recently passed away.

Harriet Margulies was 94-years-old and worked behind the scenes as the audience liaison and staff worked. Variety said of her role, “As the audience liaison, she was the go-between Belisarius Productions and the ‘NCIS’ fan base, answering hundreds of information requests from viewers. In earlier years of the show, she helped organize fan participation at an annual fan convention in Los Angeles, organizing a set visit for attendees. She served the same position on ‘Jag’ and ‘Quantum Leap,’ and as a result, many of those fans followed her to ‘NCIS.'”

Margulies was a Hollywood staple for decades. Her credits include Kojak, Magnum PI, and Quantum Leap among many other roles and positions through the years. The show concluded the latest episode with an In Memorium dedicated to Margulies.

The Future of ‘NCIS: LA’ May Be in Jeopardy?

As you well know, the NCIS success has prompted the series to expand on CBS. With that expansive universe, that could mean that things always do not work out for every spinoff. There is a greater opportunity for things to, well, fall apart.

Fans are wondering if that may include NCIS: LA that is currently underway in its incredible 13th season. Year 14 is reportedly not a guarantee, though.

The showrunner told TV Line, “We sort of always have that in the back of our mind [but] I will hope to get a heads-up if that is the case, just so that we can go out with an episode, or a bunch of episodes, that really tie up things and send our characters in to the future in a way that makes everyone happy. But we’ll just have to wait and see. If there is someone that knows, they’re not telling me.”

It’s likely going to stay a wait-and-see thing for NCIS: LA going forward. After 13 years, and with the network already having NCIS: New Orleans as well, questions will remain about the show’s future. All you can do is prepare for the worst scenario and hope for the best scenario. It certainly sounds like storylines on the program will continue to operate as though the show could conclude at the end of any future season, but the show is comfortable working in that scope.