‘NCIS’: How Diona Reasonover Got Into Acting

by Michael Freeman

First appearing in season 15 of NCIS, actress Diona Reasonover moved from a guest star to a full-time cast member. She’s come quite a way in the past few years and recently sat down and discussed what got her into acting in the first place.

In an exclusive Pop Culturalist interview, Diona Reasonver naturally talked about her NCIS role, but she also touched upon acting. When asked about what got her interested in the art, she revealed it was a stroke of luck. ” I got really lucky,” she answered. “There was a cool youth organization called Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit. They would come and do school tours. They performed these updated versions of Shakespeare, and I was like, ‘I want to do that.'”

As it turns out, though she isn’t a professional, Reasonover’s mother also acts, which definitely helped. “Also, my mom, even though she doesn’t act frequently, is an actress. She does church and community plays. I got to grow up watching her. That was very influential to me. It made me realize that it was possible.”

Speaking of being influential, Pop Culturalist then asked who or what had the biggest influence on her. “Biggest? I don’t know if I have one thing or person that I can credit. There are so many people and so many different moments in my life. So it feels like God.”

Reasonover’s character Kasie Hines debuted a few years ago and has proven to be very popular. Taking over Gabby’s spot was no doubt difficult, but she’s become a series mainstay.

Diona Reasonver Says ‘NCIS’ Cast Was ‘Wonderful’ Welcoming Her to the Show

As mentioned, filling Pauley Perrette’s shoes on the show must have been nerve-wracking for Diona Reasonover. Luckily for her, the cast was welcoming, with her specifically calling them “wonderful.”

In the same Pop Culturalist interview, the outlet asked her what her biggest takeaway was from joining NCIS. According to her, it’s the age-old advice of simply being yourself. “I think the biggest takeaway is that you should never be afraid to go in and be yourself,” she stated. “Everyone on set has been so welcoming and wonderful. I was very worried about going into such an ongoing show, I felt like I would never catch up. I felt like I was starting at a new school and everyone was so much further ahead of me.”

Going further, she compares the cast to a family and how everyone is there for each other. “I learned the kind of set that I value. I really value people who work hard and the family aspect of being on the NCIS set. Everybody is there for one another.”

It seems the cast acts as a family both on and off the camera.