‘NCIS’: How Former Star Cote de Pablo Felt About Performing Action Scenes on the Series

by Anna Dunn

Former NCIS star Cote De Pablo had her fair share of action scenes on the hit series. The show, which has been on television since 2003, has featured a large number of main characters that have come and gone over its run. Cote De Pablo, who played Ziva, is one of the most memorable.

Pablo had to do many types of scenes on the show. She discussed how she felt about the action scenes in particular in a 2010 interview with Chuck the Movieguy.

“It’s the most fun. I love it and I have a lot of fun,” she said, but she’s definitely not that person in real life.

“I’m not gonna go and kick people’s butts in the street,” she laughed. “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Cote De Pablo has since left the series, reprising her role occasionally. Her along with Tony Dinozzo actor Michael Weatherly are no longer a huge part of the series, though some fans are theorizing Ziva might come back next year.

Fans think Ziva Might Make a Return to ‘NCIS’

NCIS season 19 won’t air for months, but fans are already speculating that Cote de Pablo will return as Ziva. Essentially, Ziva was presumed dead for years before making her return to the show, shocking audiences and the characters alike. During a heart-to-heart with Gibbs, Ziva admitted that she was hurt that the NCIS team didn’t try harder to look into her death.

But she also said that if Gibbs were to die or go missing suspiciously, she would absolutely investigate it herself. Well, the season 18 finale ended with Gibbs’s boat exploding. The final shot shows Gibbs swimming away from the scene.

Many believe that this means Gibbs is faking his own death, but they’re unsure why. If that’s the case, and Gibbs goes missing or is presumed dead, maybe Ziva David will return after all.

Mark Harmon, who plays Gibbs, will only be in a select handful of episodes next season. The actor, much like his original NCIS co-workers, seems to be eyeing an exit. Unfortunately, since mark Harmon is the lead of the show, his potential exit may put the future of the show in question.

If Ziva doesn’t return to NCIS, there’ll still be plenty of people in the cast. CBS has added two new cast members to the show, Gary Cole and Katrina Law. Law plays Jessica Knight, who many fans saw in the last few episodes of season 18.

Gary Cole’s role is more hush-hush. We don’t know much about his character. All we really have is a name and title: Special Agent Alden Park. Deadline cautioned that this role wasn’t necessarily to replace Gibbs.

Whatever role his character will play will become more clear this Fall on CBS when NCIS makes its return.