‘NCIS’: How Many Season 19 Episodes Will Gibbs Actor Mark Harmon Star In?

by Matthew Wilson

With Mark Harmon set to have a limited role in Season 19, “NCIS” fans have one question on their minds – how many episodes will Gibbs make an appearance?

Well, fans should probably prepare for a worst-case scenario for the upcoming season. That’s if recent reports are true. It sounds like Harmon will be more of a guest star in Season 19 than headlining the cast as he’s done in the seasons prior.

According to TV Line, Harmon will only appear in a few episodes of the upcoming season. The outlet reports that his contract for the season is for a limited number of episodes. Two anonymous sources have also added fuel to the fire. One person said, “It’s going to be in the low single digits.”

Another also confirmed that Harmon will only appear a “few” times in the next season. Neither Harmon nor CBS has officially confirmed what kind of capacity fans should expect next season. But it sounds like “NCIS” may be trying to phase out Harmon and his character.

“We take it year by year with Mark,” CBS entertainment chief Kelly Kahl told Deadline in May. “We’d love to have him as long as he’d like to be here…. [W]e’re happy to work around his schedule.”

‘NCIS’ and Mark Harmon

For many fans, Mark Harmon is “NCIS.” He’s been a mainstay in his role as Leroy Gibbs for years now. In fact, the actor started playing the role back when George W. Bush was president. Many things have changed over the following almost two decades. But fans could always count on Harmon and “NCIS” for their evening entertainment.

But as an actor, 19 years is a long time to inhabit a role. Harmon has seen much of the cast and crew he started with leave for other projects. Maybe, the actor feels he wants to pursue other avenues. Or maybe, he’s considering retiring from the craft altogether.

But “NCIS” seems to be slowly writing out the character. For one, Harmon’s Gibbs lost his job at NCIS last season. The character garnered an indefinite suspension after attacking and assaulting an animal abuser. Fans waited to see how Harmon’s Gibbs might rejoin the team. But there’s a very real possibility, Gibbs might be gone for good in the near future.

Harmon’s character found a new purpose when he started tracking down a serial killer. But that crusade ended early when someone made an attempt on his life. Or maybe Gibbs intentionally blew up the boat so he could go undercover. In the final minutes of the episode, Harmon’s character swam away from the wreckage of his boat.

But it sounds like much of the character’s adventures may happen off-screen next season. Meanwhile, the NCIS team may believe that Gibbs is dead.