‘NCIS’: How Marcie Could Connect Agent McGee and Team to Gibbs’ Hunt for Serial Killer

by Suzanne Halliburton

Get ready NCIS fans. It’s time to start the countdown. Two weeks from tonight, we’ll know more info on the fate of Leroy Gibbs. That’s a promise.

And if the NCIS publicity department isn’t doing a head fake, all signs point to Marcie as being the one who will direct McGee, Torres and company to where Gibbs might be and why he’s there.

NCIS dropped another photo from the first episode. You see the back of Marcie as she’s talking to McGee and Torres.

Let’s Talk Marcie and Fill in Some NCIS Details

Now, let’s go back a few episodes of NCIS season 18. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was suspended for beating up a guy who was killing and torturing pit bulls. Eventually, an arrest was made and presumably, the bad guy was sent to prison. But no NCIS agent, including Gibbs, should throw punches first and questions second. Gibbs knew it was against the rules to beat up the guy, but he was in the right for beating up a man who drowns or shoots dogs.

While on suspension, Gibbs started working with Marcie on the case of a suspected serial killer. Marcie, played by Harmon’s real-life wife Pam Dawber, is an investigative journalist. In the season finale, the two met at Gibbs’ home. And Gibbs figured out that someone — maybe the killer — had bugged his house.

Later, Marcie meets Gibbs on the shore of a nearby lake. Gibbs figured out that the serial killer originally dumped a body on an island in the lake. And his theory was based on pine cones. He went back to his house and (mysteriously) removed his boat from his basement, then took it out on the lake. We’re assuming he did so to explore the island with the pine cones. But in the episode’s final scene, the boat blew up. Momentarily, Gibbs looks dead, but then he swims away.

So now, take a look at the episode 19 photo again. Chances are Marcie learned about Gibbs’ boat blowing up and contacted NCIS. Or maybe McGee or Torres figured out Gibbs was meeting with Marcie and called her into the office. If anything, Marcie knows why Gibbs was on the lake. She could also provide McGee and Torres with more details about the killer. After all, NCIS has some really cool investigative tools to use. Journalists don’t have access to them.

Showrunner Hints at What’s Coming

The first episode of NCIS season 19 is called “Blood in the Water.” And here’s the brief synoposis:

“As the NCIS team searches for Gibbs after wreckage from his boat is discovered, they find out he was tracking a serial killer with journalist Marcie Warren, who wrote an exposé on him.”

NCIS showrunner Steven Binder offered more clues to TV Line. He said with Gibb that “all possibilities” still are open.

“We know he’s not dead right there,” Binder said. “And we know he’s able to swim well enough…. All things are still possible with Gibbs.”

“Gibbs has been hunting down this serial killer, and he’s doing it alone,” Binder said. “He’s cut off from his team… but in the beginning episodes, that’s going to change.”

The season premiere arrives on Sept. 20. Stay tuned.