‘NCIS’: How Pauley Perrette Felt About Show’s Popularity and Comedy Scenes During Iraq War

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

She was on the CBS series NCIS for 15 seasons before her departure in 2018. Although the show has been a huge hit through the years, Pauley Perrette was concerned about the various comical scenes and popularity during the Iraq War. 

During her 2007 interview with Pop Entertainment.com, the former NCIS star admitted she was concerned about doing the show at first. “I was concerned about doing a military show during wartime,” Perrette explained. “There’s no way to predict what that was going to mean. It’s been fine. I was really, really worried about that.”

Perrette also stated that she and the rest of the NCIS crew were telling stories about people, not just the military.

“It’s just a really tough thing to be putting on a show about ht military. I mean, it gives me the shivers thinking about it. But these are more story-based and character-based. So we’ve been able to just continue to put on a show.”

Pauley Perrette Talks Working With Actual Military Personnel & Law Enforcement on ‘NCIS’ 

Also during her interview, Pauley Perrette shared more details about working alongside military and law enforcement personnel. “Everybody pretty much represented on this show. We’ve met their real-life counterpoint. All the NCIS agents.”

Perrette explained that the NCIS crew also talked to cops as well as medical examiners. “Yeah [they joke to get through the job], but there is no disrespect there, I don’t think. I think it’s just more like anything else anywhere. Life isn’t just all drama or all comedy. That’s one thing I love about the show, that it’s both.”

Despite NCIS being a crime show, Perrette described it as a funny show about crime.

“It ha so much of everything. In an hour episode, there’s all the drama and I think the show is hilarious. I laugh at it more than I do sitcoms, especially Michael Weatherly.”

Pauley Perrette Used Her ‘NCIS’ Celebrity Status to Spread the Word About Causes She Felt Passionate About 

While discussing her celebrity status due to NCIS, Pauley Perrette noted that she used the status to spread the word about causes she felt strongly about. “I don’t know why people listen to celebrities, but they do,” she explained. “Who on earth would really care what I have to say I feel that way all the time.”

Perrette does admit her NCIS status helps get the word out about various cases. “If it helps, you might as well try it. Especially with issues like gay rights. It’s a civil rights issue that’s right in our face.”

The former NCIS castmate then dives into a cause she’s passionate about – animal rescues.

“Without animal rescue, the mass breeding of animals is very disturbing or me.”