‘NCIS’: How the Show Continues to Honor Gibbs’ Legacy

by Michael Freeman

Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS was synonymous with the show itself. When Gibbs departed, he left a notable absence and one not easily filled. Nonetheless, despite him being gone, the show continues to honor him, particularly with one episode.

Though NCIS acknowledges and honors Gibbs frequently, one episode did so in a way that not only encapsulated his character but did it organically. The episode in question is episode 10 of season 19, “Pledge of Allegiance.” In it, Special Agent Timothy McGee and Jimmy Palmer each receive $10,000 deposits from an unknown source. Understandably skeptical at first, Director Leon Vance eventually calls them into his office to explain. It turns out the Leroy Jethro Gibbs Scholarship Fund named them recipients.

The gift itself is something Gibbs would do, but the delivery is perfect. The fund gifting the two agents the money initially existed for Gibbs’ daughter before she lost her life. Over the years, it accrued money and was frequently given to agents’ families, even the director’s.

Gibbs was a family man to his core, with his close relationships being one of his most defining features. Even though he isn’t there anymore, the gift shows he is still looking out for them. Furthermore, the fact he’s giving the money away aligns wonderfully with his humility. Gibbs does well financially but the scenes at his home and in general paint him as modest and humble. Serving as a protector to his colleagues and friends, Gibbs would 100 percent look at for them even if he’s far away in Alaska.

The real question now is if he’ll ever return, which is something fans seem to desperately want.

‘NCIS’ Fans Suggest Who They’d Love to See Replace Gibbs

Though Mark Harmon’s time on NCIS seems to be long gone (at least for now), fans are still speaking about who they’d want to replace him. A recent discussion talked about one actor and many people seem to be on board with the idea.

In a Reddit thread titled “You know who would save NCIS sinking further to abyss?,” someone suggested Timothy Olyphant. The original poster notes he can bring that “snarky vibe” to the show, which early Gibbs did well. Commenters seem to be in general agreement with them too. “What a great idea! He was so good and Justified, and bring in the some of the humor that we saw in Santa Clarita Diet, What fun would that be?” someone responded.

Nonetheless, others do agree he’d be a great addition, but there’s really no replacing Gibbs. A couple of other users suggest to just let the show continue naturally.

I tend to agree you can’t replace Gibbs but thinking about Olyphant on the show has me wondering if I should change my mind.