‘NCIS’: Why Michael Weatherly Joked That Cote de Pablo and His Wife ‘Get Along Very Well’

by Katie Maloney

Any dedicated “NCIS” fan remembers the will-they-won’t-they romance between Agents Ziva David and Tony Dinozzo. The two began exchanging witty banter in 2005 and sparks flew for the next eight years. The two characters officially got together in 2017 after both actors left the show. Michael Weatherly, who played Dinozzo on the show, and Cote de Pablo who played David, never got together in real life. But that didn’t stop fans from wishing romance would bloom both on and off the screen.

Despite the fact that they never dated, the two actors remained close friends after the show. They even collaborated on what promised to be a sort-of Dinozzo/David reboot for the show “MIA” in 2018. The two planned to executive produce and star in the show about a new homicide detective who is assigned to an experienced, by-the-book partner to solve cases in Miami. Unfortunately, the show fell through and fans never got to see the two actors reunite.

However, Weatherly revealed that he’s frequently reminded of the similarities between his onscreen love interest and his real-life wife, Bojana Janković. During an interview in 2018, Weatherly talked about how his wife and his “NCIS” co-star bond.

“Oh no, I mean Cote will tell you you’re wrong the minute you’re wrong,” said Weatherly. “She calls me Shetty. She’s like, ‘Shetty, I know you think you’re right but you’re wrong.’

He added that she has that in common with his wife.

“She and my wife get along very well, of course, because they both know that I’m wrong all the time.”

Michael Weatherly talks about Cote de Pablo and “NCIS”

Did Michael Weatherly Get Emotional When Co-Star Cote De Pablo Left ‘NCIS’?

Everyone knows that when a beloved character leaves a show, it’s kind of heartbreaking. This was certainly the case when actress Cote de Pablo left “NCIS” in 2013. The storyline revealed that her Ziva David no longer wanted to live the life of an NCIS agent. Tony tries to convince her to stay but she already made her decision. She leaves both Tony and her job to pursue a more peaceful life. However, that peace is interrupted when she falls victim to a terrorist attack in later seasons of “NCIS.”

During an interview in 2013, Weatherly talked about Ziva’s departure from the show.

“It came about pretty quick. Right before we were getting ready to go into production…And it’s been a very moving and just sort of deep experience, profound, if you will, working through the transition,” said Weatherly.

“I think it’s going to be a doozy for audiences,” he added. “So, bring some kleenex.”

When asked by the show’s host whether or not he got emotional when Cote de Pablo left the show, Weatherly replied, “I got so emotional, I grew a beard. That’s what happens.”