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‘NCIS’ Star Jennifer Esposito Says ‘Nature Always Wins’ in Adorable Photo with Her Dog

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by J. Merritt/FilmMagic)

Nothing like the love between a dog and its owner! On Sunday, NCIS star Jennifer Esposito shared a super adorable snapshot of her dog.

“Sunday. After a swim in the ocean, this wet dirt bag wants to cuddle. I’ll take it,” the NCIS actress gushes about her pup, which is seen hanging out on her lap in the photo.

She then shares that after an interesting week that could sadden one’s soul, hairy pups and nature “always wins.” 

Jennifer Esposito Discusses Acting Career

In a 2012 interview with Gluten Dude, Jennifer Esposito discusses her acting career and what keeps her motivated.

“As I got older, acting became my love,” the NCIS star states. She then admits that when she started working professionally, she was told everything from being called too ethnic to not being ethic enough. 

“I was even told by a few agents ‘I don’t get it’ IT meaning ME,” Jennifer states. “The reason for my success as you asked, sheer perseverance.” The NCIS actress then says she’s good with people telling her who and what she is, as well as telling her how and what she can do with her life. 

She also says that calling the entertainment business brutal is an absolute understatement. “Don’t get me wrong, I did not make it to this point unscathed,” she proclaims.

Jennifer admits that the pressure and constant battle to prove herself as an actress took a major toll on her and that lead to years of struggling personally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 

‘NCIS’ Castmate Jennifer Talks Battle With Celiac Disease

Also discussing her battle with Celiac Disease, Jennifer recalls, “My undiagnosed Celiac took many shapes and forms regarding my health mentally and physically.”

Jennifer remembers falling asleep on any break she has while filming is actually normal for her. The NCIS castmate had makeup artists having to deal with her yellow skin. The issue with her skin is caused by constant elevated live enzymes. “Also being told I had an attitude from producers at times because I sometimes would get really quiet from exhaustion, stomach issue, and anxiety attacks.”

Jennifer also reflects on what she misses the most from her non-celiac days. She answers by declaring she misses the days of spontaneity and casually going through the day. Esposito then notes that Stopping for a bite at a new restaurant is also something she truly misses.

Jennifer goes on to add that she also loves food. She also loves going to experience what the chef created rather than getting a salad and the plainest dishes on the menu. 

“I do have acceptance of this disease though. It is what it is. I will not let it tell me what and who I am, especially what I can eat.“